Channel Imbalance When BHK Pre Volume is at 70

Trying to see if anyone has a similar experience or scientific explanation. I’ve been trying to fix a right channel bias as the center sound image shifts to the right by about 6 inches or so. I normally kept the volumes on my BHK Pre and DSD Sr both at 70. Last night, I decided to lower the volume for BHK Pre to 55 and raise the DSD to 85. The right bias was gone and the center image was locked in dead center! I went back and forth a few times to see if this was repeatable, and it was. While I now can enjoy the music even more, I am wondering if my BHK Pre might have an issue. BTW, my amp is a BHK250.

What have you tried?

Swapping tubes tends to be the first troubleshooting step.

I haven’t experienced this nor have I heard of anyone else, regardless, I STRONGLY recommend keeping the DSD at 90-100.