Posthumous Leonard Cohen

For fans of Leonard Cohen, a new album just dropped, “Thanks for the Dance”.

It was heartbreaking to listen to. His voice, while still subterranean, seemed noticeably weaker and less powerful than on “You Want it Darker”, even though the vocal tracks were recorded in the same sessions. The lyrics show his understanding that the end was near.

Settling at last
Accounts of the soul
This for the trash
That paid in full


An excellent interview of his son, Adam, discussing his father I heard on NPR yesterday evening - click.


Thanks for the link to the NPR interview @Elk. It was tremendously illuminating. And whether it was nature or nurture, clearly Adam has inherited some of his father’s love of clever prose and dry, wry, painfully honest turn of phrase.

Yes, a fascinating interview and an interesting person to interview.

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