Request Paul's Picks on Tidal

Hi Paul,

I was reading your post today about bass and in particular your suggestion of a Boz Scaggs track. I think the track was “vanishing point” off of Dig. Anyway Tidal doesn’t have that track nor does Spotify. I found it on You tube but there wasn’t much bass going on in my life from that source. Do you remember a while back putting together a playlist on Tidal called Paul’s Picks? Seems like there are a lot of tracks in that old playlist that Tidal doesn’t have anymore (greyed out). What would you think of updating that Playlist? Would be great to get your insight on what kind of tracks you use to evaluate system one. I appreciate your posts with these kinds of tips that I can use to evaluate and see what parts of my system need attention. If you ever get some time to put together something like this would be much appreciated. As a matter of fact if anyone else knows of some playlists of tracks that are good for evaluating hi fi , I am all ears.


Paul said it was track 10, “Thanks to You,” off the album “Dig”.

Yes, but apparently there are several masters of the this CD and on mine, it’s track 10, on many others, track 11.

In any case, you’re right. Whatever track it is Thanks To You to play.

Paul, the playlist you mentioned on Paul’s Posts last Dec 14 has this track on The Essential Boz Scags, I kept a copy.

Yes, it’s on both Digg and Essentials.

Another really nice option to look up is recordings from Terry Evens and Hans Theessink. Delta Time cd is amazing!