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You really want to mindlessly argue, don’t you?

You ignored my lead-in judgment “I have never been impressed with Pierre Sprey’s products,” and conveniently left out my next sentence addressing his power cord “But a great example of a potentially questionable product.” That is, I more agree with you than disagree.

Your first two posts ever in this forum (in this thread, immediately above) suggested the presence of a troll. Your subsequent posts continue to point in this direction.

It is past time to move on. If you do not like Pierre Sprey’s products, do not buy them. If you do not like power cords without UL listing, do not purchase those either. And, ironically, continue to make your own. Or do the dozens of DIY amps, cords, cables, switchers, controllers, etc. in your system all carry a UL listing? 103_gif

Of course, if you have something else to say about audio, please locate the appropriate forum and post away.

If you are interested only in arguing, please go back to the AVS Forum and argue away. See, e.g., PS Audio says thick AC cords kill treble! a thread you started there just a week ago for this very purpose.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Anticables Level 3 power cord. They seem interesting in their design and supposedly sound fantastic. And the price isn’t too bad at $330 for 5 foot cable. Anyone?

If you look at my history on AVS Forum, it;s quite clear I am no troll. My point about UL is to advise people of a risk. If they want to continue to use the product, that’s their business. At least they have more facts to make their decision. And I quite clearly stated a good portion of my system is not UL listed - in fact in direct violation of the NEC. But I’m not selling product t the general public either.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stick around here. I realize that unlike AVS, this is more or less a private vendor forum. for those who own or wish to own the products. I get it!

The AVS Forum PS Audio “treble” thread was a result of another thread where, most likely a PS audio employee, was shamelessly shilling the product. Yes that pissed me off as the post was full of misinformation. So I called it out publicly.

You are more than welcome to terminate my membership and delete my posts here and over on Paul’s blog as well!

Whoa. Hang on there. I am sorry if you felt attacked and no one should ever be attacked in these forums. Regardless of intent. Secondly, we don’t have “shills” that go on other forums. Seriously. That’s just bad practice and we would never do that.

You’re welcome here.


Re-reading my post it comes across harsher than I intended. You are very welcome and no one has ever been banned from this forum.

Any comments are welcome, regardless if it is a PS Audio product or others. Many have posted critical comments of PS Audio products here, me included.

I tried one of the Anti Cables power cords. I was so amazed at how much difference it made I wound up buying three more. I also use his balanced interconnects and speaker wire on two different systems. Anti Cables are the real deal.

I got Anti cable power cords for my M700’s and they sound great with them. I would be interested in their speaker cables and IC’s too. Which ones did you get? How do they compare to others you have used?

I am waiting for some VooDoo cables Fire power cords to arrive. Fed Ex Tuesday. Anyone have any feedback n them?

I’ve used nearly every interconnect step of the ladder with VooDoo but not their power cords or speaker cables. But knowing what I do of the interconnect, I’d say that these should be great.

I used the The Cable Company lending library to try quite a few power cords and settled on Voodoo for my system.
When I started the process I went in very skeptical about power cords but after two weeks of trying different ones I became a believer.

I highly recomend using the cable companies library as it seems cables can be very system dependent as to what sounds good.

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Ordinarily, when I change something I play it for at least a couple days before listening critically, but I just replaced the one AC3 in my system with a ZU Event power cable–going to my amp. (To be fair it’s waaay more expensive than the AC3). I really like and respect Sean Casey’s engineering and design. I’m over-the-moon happy with his Event speaker cables. Cust service is a bit indifferent but the stuff is very good.
Immediately, the acoustic bass on Bill Evans trio, Live at the Village Vanguard, is dramatically more dynamic, more realistic, like I hear when i’m standing next to one. Wow, I wish you could hear this!

I bought a used Shunyata Python Helix Alpha power cord and plugged it into my preamp and heard a distinct improvement over my Zu “Event” pc.
Then I bought another one and plugged it into my DSD Sr. I found a similar, noticeable, full range improvement.
I’m suddenly a big fan of Shunyata power cables.

PSA DAC, PSA DMP, 2 SBOOSTERS (AQVOX SE, Roon Nucleus+), 2 Rel S3 SHO amps, BHK250, BHK Preamp, and P20, having (3) AC-5, (1) AC-10, and (5) AC-12 PSA power cables, all going to my PSA P20 connected to the panel with single run 20A breaker, 10ga romex cable. Power is very important, good power cables are a must.

Edit [1] -

  1. Swap P20 AC12 power cable with Shuyatta Research Anaconda (6ga, 1.8m, 20A)
  2. Upgrade BHK250 to (2) BHK300s w/ Shunyata Research Alpha NR (8ga, 1.75m, 15A) power cables
  3. Add (2) more Sboosters (Giga FOIL filter; AS4000 router)
  4. Remove BII, add Matrix w/ new AQVOX USB-B LPS w/ JMaxwell 1ft “data only” USB and Valhalla 2 HDMI cable. Using Shunyata Research Delta NR cable for AQVOX LPS

Anti Cables power cords made a remarkably audible difference in every audio device I’m using including:

PS Stellar Gain Cell Dac
PS Stellar 300 Amp
Threshold 400A Amp
Schitt Jotenheim multibit dac/amp

I am a power cable skeptic turned convert. Converts are always the most obnoxious fanatics. I am not ashamed.

Welcome to the dark side…

I’ve been using Anti Cables level 3 power cables for years. My experience is the same as yours Larry!

I have fallen into the chasm. 3.1 speaker cables on the Kef LS 50s on my desktop system, 3.1 interconnects, anti cables USB cable - separating the the power wire from the signal seems to make a big difference going into the Schit multi bit DAC. I have an ancient 20 watt per side Stromberg Carlson tube amp I’m trying to figure out how to use one of the power cords on. I may need a rope to climb out of this obsession.

I received a pair of Level 3 Anticables speaker cables last week and I am very impressed with the improvement in sound over the cables they replaced. I feel confident that I am done searching for speaker cables now.