Power cable


I recently saw Paul video discussing the importance of shielded power cables. I am looking to upgrade my stock power cables. I wanted to know what is recommended?

I have all Acoustic Zen interconnects and speaker cables. Should I match with Acoustic Zen power cables? Or can I get the PS Audio power cable?


You’ve opened the proverbial can o’ worms with that question, expect opinions all over the map. That in part is because everyone’s tastes, ears, and systems are different. Equal arguments in the abstract could be made for system synergy via using the same brand of cables vs. PS Audio cables with PS Audio gear. The only way to tell is to try it for one’s self. I’ve read reviews by owners and professional reviewers of all kinds of cables that I’ve tried for myself and found myself having very different opinions of those cables. That is why I have never bought a brand of cables I’ve not used yet as a new product at retail prices. Once I’ve bought a used pair of “brand x” and found them to my tastes, then I will but them new. Even then, be aware that just because you like any given brand of interconnect doesn’t mean you’ll like their other types of cables. I’ve absolutely loved some brands of interconnects and disliked their speaker cables or power cords.

Wow thank you for your honesty, good information.

If you can “try before you buy” I would try one from the company you have your other cables from. May well be a good fit, may not. . . .

I didn’t try this brand. Over the years I tried cables from Decware, Cardas, TARA Labs, My Audio Cables, and PS Audio. I ended up working my way up the PS Audio line and over time equipping my system with AC-12 power cords from PS Audio. They just suit me. The only competition they really had was one model from My Audio Cables (now Rite Audio) called the “Burly” Power Cord. That had a warmer, richer sound that really suited the very low powered SET amps I was using then, and I’m using a pair of similar amps now and wish I had two “Burlys”–I do have one I use in a second system.

The Cable Company has a “lending library” and that’s a great way to try out some different makes and models.

I think you should get ours! :slight_smile: seriously, if you can, give both a try and see which has the best synergy for your system. We’re happy to take ours back if not (though you have to go on the web and buy them direct to do that).

Power cables can make a surprising improvement in your system sound, or not at all. It depends on your system.
But if you’re replacing stock, unshielded cable, then even PS Audio’s least expensive AC3 will likely give you a lot of performance enhancement for money. And Upscale Audio are still giving 40% off.