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Thanks, that’s a great idea!. I’ve used them in the past, just not recently. The C19 HC connector may be hard to find, but it may be well worth the effort to find out.

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Yes AQ Dragon or a Whisper from common Ground Cables

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You can use an adapter but yes the C19 gets you more current. The p20 sounds choked up and narrow sound stage through a 15 amp iec. Get the high current cords for P20. The Iconoclast BAV C19 is a good budget cord but bass is not as defined.

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Try a 20amp Synergistic Research UEF Galileo power cord on the P20. The sound is unbelievable with this cord. The best sound I ever heard! This cord with the P20 has the fullness and resolution other cords can only dream about.


Thanks very much for the input, it confirms what I was already thinking. I love Synergistic Power Cables as well as interconnects. My front end is all PS Audio and connected by Synergistic. All that said, I checked out the availability of both AudioQuest Higher end Storm High Current Cables and Synergistic’s better HC Power Cables and made a purchase… I believe in Ted Denny’s magic but a Synergistic cable in 2 meters with C19 would have been a special order. I did find a mint AudioQuest FireBird with high current C19 and was able to trade the Tornado against it. This should play very well with the P20 But still, this is a leap of faith. I get the new cable on Saturday. Once in and burned in to the system ,I’ll update as to weather it was worth it. I can tell you straight up that Dragon is just too pricey to even be a contender…


I can get you Nicks info if you’d like to find out the best price for a Dragon HC


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I received my slightly used used P20 yesterday with the Audio Envy 20amp cord. installed last night and gave a quick listen.

Changes that were done:

  1. P10 → P20
  2. P10 used Pangea 9 mkii 15amp → P20 using 20amp Audio Envy
  3. Rythmik G25HP upgraded to Pangea 9 MkII and plugged into P20 (used to be right to wall with much cheaper power cord)

As you can see more than just one change, but i will say after only playing a few tracks I know from Macy Grey, Patricia Barber Billie Eilish and Peter Gabriel as well as older talking heads I can say the bass is unbelievably smooth. The subwoofer integration with the Sopra 2’s was so much better and cleaner that I changed my Roon eq from -4.5db tk -3db. (this filter is only for signals lower than 33hz which is only done by the sub via JL CR-1)

Transients seem faster too. Just an over all better soundstage that I just find myself wanting to play louder than I used to.

This was just only on some songs I really know well out of my system. its way too much change to do a good A/B so I picked songs I know. Once I heard the much improved bass I focuses on songs I know I did not like the bass out of my rig. It was much improved and I was able to lower (gain more sub) that filter cut.


Congratulations Brian…enjoy your new P20 “snake oil” :grin:

I certainly enjoy my P15 “snake oil” :innocent:

Best wishes


mmmmm…snake oil…



Ha ha… :grin: