PS Audio Power Plant 5

Hello All,

I wanted to get opinions/suggestions.

Would a previously used " PS Audio Power Plant 5" 1 owner unit still be a worthwhile product to use and invest in?

I know it’s a older unit and I am sure there have been improvements since then in the newer units but if it still performs to its original factory specs then it should make an improvement in my audio system I would think while also protecting it?

Any thoughts?

I came across a used unit, something within my price range compared to newer units that are comparable from PS Audio, like the P12 and am debating if it would be worthwhile.



It’s rather long in tooth and susceptible to failure without warning. Lesson learned here as when my P300 capacitors failed, heat related, it took my Resolution Quantum DAC with it. A significant downside to active voltage regulators/regenerators. I would not purchase a used unit no matter what the perceived discount. Both of my P300s were purchased new and failed catastrophically without warning after 3-1/2 to 5 years of use. Subsequently PS Audio offered a fan back-fit to reduce the heat build-up in the P300s. The P5 is a different beast, but still I suggest taking a pass.

I’ve had a P5 in my HT system for a few years now and it has been rock solid! I know these are sensitive times now, but it lowered the noise floor in the system and it sounds fantastic. If it’s at a price that fits the budget, I’d say jump on it.


My experience with my P5 parallels James’ exactly. I bought it new when the newer versions were released….so, several years now. It powers my BHK250, DS Sr, BHK Pre, DMP, Stellar PP, and Auralic G1 as well as my TT. At max, it runs at about 300W+/42% and it is silent. The fans come on only when it is initializing from off. James has heard it here and agrees that it makes a significant improvement. My incoming AC is typically at 7%+ THD and the voltage varies significantly. The P5 smooths that all out to .1% THD/120V.
I would agree with James……if it’s been taken care of……grab it.

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I should add that as these were available in 2014 you should at a minimum confirm the age, and look for signs of heat stress. I should also add that I am not affiliated with PS Audio and my recommendation is based on an earlier product, actually their entry into power regeneration.

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We are all different and risk aversion varies. Personally, I would not have any problem. It would be newer then my regenerator as I still use a Premier from circa 2010. Works flawlessly on a fairly large system.

I had a P5 for four years and I replaced it with a P10 that was a steal. It was bulletproof and reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. My buyer still thanks me for the sale.

I’ve had the P5 ever since items first introduced… must’ve more than 10 years! It failed on me once after 3 years…but my dealer had it fixed at nominal cost. It hasn’t failed since and I keep it plugged in and running 24/7.

I’ve considered upgrading but never thought that the newer units provided better value than an alternative equipment upgrade… I would go for it if you can get a good price!

Key questions to ask are has it been repaired, and does PS Audio Technical Support currently support the unit. For example are repair parts available, especially microprocessors, and power transistors. If so PS Audio may be able to provide a rough estimate as to repair costs should a need arise post purchase, for example a couple of years out. It is comforting to know others have had positive experience with the units, but should a problem arise knowing support is a phone call away can be most helpful.

Thank You for all the feedback.

It gives me something to think about.

Still researching some stuff and wondering if I were to get this, where exactly I would place it.

I have a pretty standard media cabinet from Ikea and pretty much the whole cabinet is full.

About 9 spaces (not including the top) and all full.

I try to keep the top clear of any equipment, only my TT is on the top.