Power Plant and Iso transformer

I’m currently demoing the P12. I haven’t pulled the plug yet to compare with and without, but am curious if anyone has tried my current set-up using a Topaz Iso transformer in line with a Power Plant.

I am running the Topaz after the P12. The concept being the P12 will act as a regenerator and surge protector and the Topaz will then clean up much of the line noise created by the P12. The Topaz will then greatly reduce (-146db) high frequency common mode noise in the line. From there, the idea is to plug components into simple power strip (with no surge protection) to prevent leakage

Most of my components go into this power strip (which is just an extension of the Topaz)

(Look at the first page of a huge discussion on Computer Audiophile and Head Fi on the unique qualities of the Topaz ultra low interwinding capacitance transformers. This discussion was initiated by John Swenson - engineer at Uptone Audio).

So, I’m hoping the P12 and Topaz might work in synergy. Without going into all the positives the Power Plants are known for, they do, in my system, as measured by an Alpha Lap EMI Meter and an Entech Power Line Noise Analyzer, double to triple the line noise coming out of the outlet. The Topaz, in line, drops it to almost nothing.

In my personal experience any passive filtering, iso transformer being one of them, adds to mains impedance, even few miliohms make a difference, that in turn, reduces reproduction dynamics, making the sound somewhat mellower and slower. Some people do like it, depends on type of music too. If current setup sounds on a brighter side, such change may be pleasant and welcome. Try it, no harm is done.

Along the lines of what Wilco has tried with the Topaz, has anyone tried connecting a balanced AC toroidal transformer (Equi=tech, PLiXiR, Torus, etc.) as a secondary power conditioner between the output duplex of a PowerPlant and a source component?

My two P20s “regenerate” wall duplex AC into low-distortion, low output-impedance AC to feed my system, but it’s evident that they still generate idiosyncratic noise, and that they’re sensitive to the quality of the input AC (as well as to the quality of the input AC cable). So why not use a balanced toroidal conditioner to further filter out the residual DC and broad spectrum noise?

Wouldn’t the P20’s ultra-low output impedance sufficiently compensate for the very slight increase in impedance of the balanced transformers, particularly if the current draw is low to modest, for source components (and not amplifiers)?

Probably best efficiency from transformer is about 98%, so it’s another restriction really. There is probably a point of diminishing return. Powerplants are not 100% efficient either. The audible benefit from PPs is reduced distortion of the mains, but the impedance of corrected input signal is higher than the base mains signal that is corrected. More expensive PPs have more output devices and juicier transformer, that aid the output impedance, but it won’t be better than what is fed into them.

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