Isolation transformer before a P3...overkill?

Hi folks. Just curious what your thoughts are on adding an isolation transformer before a P3? Would it be overkill? There has been a lot of discussion on this thread ( Sounds like the key is select a transformer with very low inter-winding capacitance.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

To add on to the question above:

I have a 2.5kVa Topaz isolation transformer wired for balanced power. This is a unit with .0005pF interwinding capacitance. This thing reduces common-mode noise by 146dB and normal-mode noise by 65dB. It also acts as surge suppressor reduce a 6,000 volt spike down to .003 volts.

What would the PS Audio power unit buy me over that?

Lower output impedance for one thing.

Which makes an astounding difference.

And, regulation even under dynamic conditions (music is dynamic).