Power Plant and Shunyata NR

I have a P15 and for the first time I’m trying out after market power cords. Right now I have a Shunyata Alpha NR cable. What I’ve found strange is that even though the cable has noise reduction capabilities I don’t see a noise reduction when viewing incoming THD on the P15. It’s typically 2% with or without the cable. This is with using the cable between the P15 and the outlet. I’m just curious if others have found this? I’m not sure if this is an issue with how much noise reduction the cable actually provides or if it’s an issue on the P15 side.


Interesting that you posted this today. Yesterday on my P15, I swapped out a Pangea AC14SEII and put in an AC9SEII. On the smaller cable I saw roughly 3.75-4% incoming THD. It is exactly the same for the larger cable. However and strangely, the outgoing THD has gone from .3% or so on the smaller cable to 0% on the bigger one. So, effectively I have the same experience but I’m curious if you noticed a difference on the output THD?


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Interesting test. I’ll give it a try this evening and post back. I didn’t even think to look at the outgoing THD.

Swapping power cords with and without noise reduction has had no effect on incoming THD as measured by my P20.

Same for my P10. Delta NR made zero difference in THD (and sound for me). I do see a change in incoming THD when I power each device on or off, yes incoming, outgoing remains unchanged.

I take it all with a grain of salt and enjoy the sound vs. worry about the numbers.

Sadly, a 20amp Sigma made a sweet difference with my P20. Makes zero sense to me but some of the other lads around hear told me that it works. I am a believer now. Still…

Yes, the numbers are more of a curiosity and I find most of the screen functions and info of little real value. Don’t know if noise reduction cords are the key to greatness but, like Aangen , I have a Sigma on the P20 and it’s improvement was very apparent. Hard on the wallet, good on the ears.

I’ve tried a handful of different power cords on my PPP, P10 and P12 and haven’t noticed any change in numerical values, but there are differences in SOUND indeed. So either the metering is not sensitive enough to show us small changes and/or other factors are influencing the resulting sound. I just use the one on hand that sounds best (PS Audio AC-12).

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As @jamesh once said, the meters are not up to scientific experiments.