PowerPlant THD In


I am owning a PowerPlant 15 and I am wondering what would be considered a “normal” or average THD in value.
In the past I used to have ~4%, I then installed a new cable directly to the breaker box with better isolation and less gauge / bigger diameter and I am now between 1.5-3% depending on the time of the day.

The PP does its job and THD out is great but I was just wondering whether I have a particular high or low THD compared to other people…


Well mine is 1% and I wondered if I really needed it when I hear of people like yourself that were around 4% …. I will say I think I get more consistent sound w my p10 no matter what time of day I am listening.

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I hope to make a similar evaluation. I currently show a bit over 2% THD. In the next month or so I’ll have a dedicated 20A line. Seems odd to run the 20A line to a P12 which can only do 1/2 that or less power wise. However, that is “clean” power and my system at deafening levels peaks the P12 at about 61%. If my dedicated line THD is low (say 1%) I may look at running sources only into the P12 and amp into wall. And/or really looking at the benefits of the P12 vs Niagara etc. I may notice something like timm mentioned above.

I’m 18 miles NE of Baltimore, MD, and mine is an average of 4% in.

THD in is running between 3.5% and 4% lately although it has been as high as 7% last winter. Southwest lower Michigan.

4% in my 19th century Denver house.

Probably about average with regards to what I’ve seen
here on the forum.

My incoming thd has varied from 2% to 6%. My P15 corrects
all that and outputs 0.1%…For now my I do not have dedicated
power lines…one day hopefully.

Best wishes

My incoming THD varies from 3% to 4%. After P15 the output THD is never greater than 0.1%. I also don’t have a dedicated line / phase to my audio system and I don’t plan to have one in a near future since I got the P15.

I’m in residential Boulder, CO and I do not have a dedicated AC line to my kit. I regularly have 5-7.5% incoming THD. My P5 consistently outputs just .1-.2% THD and corrects a wildly variable incoming voltage to 120.0V. I also have photo voltaic via a power inverter which may be contributing to my situation.

SoCal - P5 and P12. THD from wall runs at 2% or a little under. Usually corrects to 0.1% THD.

SoCal, I basically have consistent 5% thd in all the time. Some time I see 4.x but rarely

Do you have SCE? 5% seems high.

I have SCE, and this is a dedicated circuit too. It was the same before I put in the circuit so, nothing changes.

I’m in RivCo south of Riverside.

Mine is also at 1% incoming, and I found the same thing with day/night sound being the same after getting a P12.

My apartment have 2% THD IN.

ok cool, thanks. Very interesting to see the numbers varying from different locations…

My P10 in The Netherlands indicates 1,2% in and 0,1% out.

That’s really good best I have seen yet!!

When I lived in Austin my incoming was about 5% but now that I live out in a wooded neighborhood directrly across a narrow road from a state wildlife preserve my incoming is 1.5 to 2%. Still amazed at the improvements the regenerators make!