Power plant magic

I think I have the worst AC coming into my house. I am amazed how the P20 makes everything right.


Oh my! That distortion is very high, magically brought down to about 0.2% and kept there. :+1:t2: . My mains voltage jumps 8 volts, then dips about 6. However, the P15 keeps it where it should be :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m lucky to have very good incoming power, my PP shows 1.1% THD coming in.


Amazing difference.

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I am right there with you, I am very lucky to have a P 20 .


That’s pretty high incoming THD…surprising for a US based utility.

My friend down in Crntral Florida has been working / fighting with Duke Electric for the last five years, trying to get them to just give him remotely stable voltage. He has a meter hooked up, and the reading goes anywhere from 113 VAC to 127 VAC. Really makes the sound of his system completely unpredictable. I told him to buy a P15 :grinning:, but he really doesn’t have the space for it in his very small sound room.

After all the years gone by Duke finally seems to have the voltage stable to about +/- 3 volts.

I think you might have neighbors with a hot house marijuana growing enterprise. All those noisy UV lights, switches and circuits. Are the folks around you unusually complacent? :grin:


Depending on time of day or night, my incoming THD varies between 0.4% and 0. 8%. THD out is always about 0.1%. However, my voltage varies by +8/-6 volts :roll_eyes:

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So I kinda became obsessed about getting exactly 120v. I went into the settings and made it happen. So, just like your photo shows, if I never got the 120 on the button. I would achieve about 119.6. So the question I have for the more intelligent people on this forum, why didn’t the PP just do it on it’s own, instead of me fiddling with it? I thought that is what it is suppose to do. So donkt150 why didn’t you correct the 118.9 and “make it so”? Just curious.

Same with my P20.
Set on 230V, but always below.

Today is my lucky day! 230V on the dot. 0.8% incoming THD is the highest I ever get.

I noticed that if I do not change the settings for a couple of days, distortion and voltage output stabilize as if it auto learns.

For me, it’s all about the sound. In my system it sounds best to me set at 118-119 volts , I go by what sounds best to me and I don’t stress over it.

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Because the precise voltage really doesn’t matter. What matters is that it remains stable as a rock. I prefer 118 or 119v.

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Calibration settings are accessible and adjustable - please have a look at this thread:


Thank you @John_H.

It is rather impressive what the PowerPlants are able to pull off. I also find it impressive how awful your incoming is. Some of the worst I’ve seen. Way to go P20!