Power Plant 10 readings - right or wrong?

My powerplant 10 is used for just my HT rack where in the same room the fronts are a separate system with bypass handled by a P20. The 10 seems to have strange readings. I watched a movie last night and you can clearly see when. I thought the THD and voltage would be flat lines. Mine seem to jump. Not that much over all, but during the same time the P20 is dead solid flat. Am I nit picking at the 10? Or is this right? or is it showing age and it should be flat?

My P10 has similar readings, though the voltage swing is not so large; plus or minus a volt most of the time.

Is there an option in P10 that gives priority to higher regulation? Mind you, variance is a fraction of a volt, which does not alarm me.

As for THD casual aberrations, in my case, they happen whenI use the clean function, or apply MW. YMMV.

I will check my settings. Thanks. I think I have MW on. I may turn off.

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My voltage is so wild, some weeks it drops more than 5 volts, and other weeks jumps more than 10 volts. I am grateful output is within 1 volt from my setting! The following should make you feel good about your P10 and your incoming power :grin:

Your voltage is pretty steady even with much higher fluctuations. Why is mine all over the place. Shouldn’t it be a straight line like yours especially when the system is off.

My graph shows larger mains variations, had they been smaller, you would see the small changes in the blue line. On your P20, go to scope, then go to status screen and look at the output. Chances are that voltage would move in 0.1v to 0.2v increments. They mean nothing to your hifi gear which is designed for much higher tolerances. We gain lot of stability and much lower THD with a regenerator.