Power Regenerator for Headphone system?

I have a high end headphone system. I’m probably going to have invested $25k+ into it when I’m done. I’m conditioning using a Monster HTS 3600 MKII conditioner I bought 9 years ago. I have everything hooked up to it from my TV, PC, gaming consoles, and headphone equipment. I’m wondering if a power regenerator will give me a noticeable sonic improvement for my particular use as opposed to a loudspeaker system? What should I expect to be better if at all? I was looking at the P12 but it doesn’t have enough outlets so the P15 would be what I am considering. Would something like this be wasted on a headphone system?

I used a PS Audio P5 for my headphone system. I’ve got a Woo WA5-LE along with PS Audio gear and Utopia’s and Hifiman Planars. You don’t need to purchase a larger unit just for outlets. It depends on the device installed. I currently use a Furutech e-TP609 NCF for power distribution. It gives me more outlets and works well and it’s totally silent.

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Welcome, Boogie

I also have a Woo WA5 (together with some other headphone amps). I believe you will find adding a PowerPlant to be a striking improvement. Headphone listening is all about detail; timbre, dynamics, ambience. Power conditioning brings these details, out as well as increasing transparency.

So what constitutes a $25,000 headphone system?

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Interesting. Do you run all your amps through power regenerators? I always experienced a loss of dynamics/detail when running my amps through a P3. DAC and transport? Absolutely, but not my amps. Maybe I should try again…thanks.

Hi, thanks for your responses

My main system:
Sony MDR Z1R, (adding a Sennheiser HD800 to the system soon for different purposes)
Cavalli Liquid Gold
Schiit Gungnir Multibit (upgrading to Hugo TT 2 when released)
Hugo M Scaler when released
Forza Audioworks MkII balanced headphone cable and XLR interconnects Furutech plugs, MkII RCA interconnects WBT Next Gen plugs
Cardas Clear M power cords
Possibly a power regenerator
Various other amps and headphones not part of main system

Power regenerating/conditioning is something I haven’t upgraded yet and wasn’t sure how much it would make a difference, especially in a headphone system. Perhaps it’s one of those things you don’t know till you know.

Very nice. The Z1R is a fascinating, superb headphone with subtle but amazing build quality. The HD800 is indeed an entirely different beast. Fun choices.

I would be surprised if you were not pleased with the improvement a Power Plant will provide. Keep in mind PS Audio offers a 30-day trial. You can always keep your non-audio equipment on the Monster (a good unit, well-designed) although if you are into video the display will improve when plugged into the Power Plant.

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My Headphone system: Woo WA5, Cavalli Liquid Gold, DS Sr, Audeze LCD-4(DH Prion4 cable). I too have wondered about a power regenerator and its effect on a purely headphone setup. Since I would only be running one amp at a time plus the DS I did not see the benefit in spending thousands of dollars on the P series regenerators with all the bells and whistles. That is why I was excited about the news of the Stellar regenerator. Seems like it would be perfect for a headphone system. There has been no more news that I have seen about this piece of equipment. I hope it is on time and as Paul said in a post. “It’s a beast”.

Do not sell a superb headphone system short. It can benefit as much by a top of the line Power Plant as a speaker based system. You have an excellent source and two excellent amps.

I would surmise you would notice more definition with clean power. I don’t have near the rig you do, and the P5 helps my Merdian Prime/HD800 setup. P12 is on order.

Hi netspecht-2. When do you expect to receive your P12? Please keep us updated with your impressions on if you notice an improvement going to the P12.

mid-September is the anticipated delivery date.