Should I buy a regenerator?

First, I think my system sounds great. Sometimes it suprises me and I actually look up and realize how good it sounds. I dont know if its because a good source came on, or if the power was “good” on that day or moment. its probably the source that improved.
My system has separate components of AVM 90 processor, Martin Logan F100 speakers and an 11 channel Monolith amp pushing 200 wpc on LCR and 100 on the rest. Kaleidescape for movies.
We mainly watch movies at 80% and music 20%
The room has decent treatments and has been calibrated well with 2 mini dsp’s for the 3 subs. (I prefer the DSP for sub alignment and EQ vs the AVM 90)
I dont have a dedicated line yet, but plan on installing a 10 gauge line soon.

So, will I notice a difference if I install a 1500 watt regenerator? im considering the PR15
The internet says im crazy to spend 8K+. The forums here say otherwise.
Id like the opinion of someone who actually bought one and noticed a differnece either positive or negative

Lastly, if improved, will I notice on movies as well if I add a regenerator?
Thanks, C.


Welcome to the forum! I can’t answer you question directly as I don’t own one - except to say, if you are in the US you can always try before you buy - and at home. And you get 30 days to decide. Its one of the great things about how PS Audio does business.




Hey Big_C

Forgot to welcome you to the best audio forum bar none!!!

I’m one of those all in favor of PS Audio power regenerators…
currently own a P15 and lovin’ it…

What my P15 has done for my system never fails to put a smile
on my face!!!

Quite often PS Audio has fall sales with outstanding deals …

As in any line of conversations there will always be nay sayers particularly
on the various audio forums.

My experience has been nothing short of beng very well pleased going
back to my first one a P5 then a P12 (though the same output, upgraded
chip plus amps place it in another league over the P5) from there a P15
which again yielding a much more refined sound over the previous two.

As the old addage ymmv …varies by individual systems and environments.

PS Audio has been wonderfully outstanding with a 30 day free home trial…
you like you buy if not return get money back. Nothing lost.

By now you will have noticed my strong bias in favor of PS Audio’s regenerators.

Give it a go …nothing to loose and everything to gain!!!

Best wishes


From what I have read, yes the P15 will also improve video

As for me I am a 2 channel guy…

My P15 powers my entire system including a Parasound JC5 piwer amp
the distillation of two JC1+ onto one chassis…one awesome amp!!

Best wishes

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I’m still on the fence. I’m considering the PP15 but it’s 8K.
I noticed mention of a fall sale. Any idea when that may be and what the price of the PP15 could be?

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I have an AVM-60 and picked up a P20 several years ago.

Here’s what I experienced in no specific order
Cleaner 4K video
More precise soundstage
I’m not sure how to describe this other than less harsh audio. Think of video noise applied to audio.

Why did I go with the P20 instead of the P15? I power all electronics of my home theater with it, including the two SVS PB16 ultra subs. Finally, the P20 is their flagship regenerator and provides the best quality of all their regenerators. I’ve read many messages where people have upgraded their P12s to P15s and P15s to P20s and they always say that as they go up the line they get better results.

I agree with all of the answers you received so far, try it out, risk-free for 30 days, and return it if you are not satisfied.


I have had a P20 about three years. Ii bought it same time I was installing dedicated lines 10 guage lines. Now I only use one. They sound great with stock power cords or even better with expensive high current noise reducing power cords and a good audiophile fuse and some RF absorber if you like to tweak. . Some have bought P20 and liked there amps better without P20. I’d do the dedicated line then buy powerplant once they hit a sale. They occasionally come up used for maybe 500 less than sale price.

I too run a whole two channel system and HT off one. It is always pulling close to 10 amps. It has only once shut down listening to two channel driving twin MC1.25KW monoblocks at past rated power. Home theater maybe 5 times all times insanely loud amps going into three to five seconds of rated power on monos and a 1200 watt HT amp the P20 capacitor banks don’t keep up. We are talking a major battle scene in a movie like Pear Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, or Spacecraft crash in Interstellar. With your system it won’t break a sweat

It doesn’t need to be Sunday Morning 3AM for music sessions to sound good

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Mycrowave, did you notice any improvements with the subs? If I go forward, I was on the fence on powering the subs with the PP15?
If I elect to power the subs with the PP15, the power cords would be long going to the subs. One of which is a 25’ extension cable as it runs from a media cabinet, through a climate controlled attic and down the wall to one sub. The other two run off of different outlets. If improvements, I’d consider running them off the regen too

I didn’t notice any difference with the subs between the power plant and the direct wall connection. But I like the idea of feeding cleaner electricity to the components in the subs, so I kept them connected.

My subs are within 6 feet of the power plant on either side.

It will be much harder to experiment under the circumstances you describe, but you should try if you can. I’d run an extension cord across the room as an experiment first. If I were you and the experiment results is that you don’t notice a difference, then I wouldn’t bother hooking up the subs to the Powerplant.

Subs are the only thing I wouldn’t power with my P20. I wouldn’t expect much sonic benefit, unlike front end components that improve dramatically.

Tried a P15…liked it. Got a P20… loved it, kept it. In comparison to high quality conditioners like Shunyata, I felt the PSA regenerator passed more of the music while the conditioner (though very quiet),
did not.
Ask James at PSAa what he can do for you try one of these puppies.


Welcome to the forum! :blush:

I’m also a big fan of power regenerators. My experience comes from owning two generations of PSA PowerPlants. I originally owned two of the first generation P1200 models and a P600. The P1200s powered one each of my Electrocompaniet AW600 monoblocks. The P600 powered the pre-amp and sources. I upgraded those to three, later generation P10s. (If I was buying today I’d buy a single P20.) By then I had also purchased two active subs with 1000W class D amps. I use a P10 dedicated to each of the monoblocks and the subs and sources are powered from the third P10. (The power draw for the class D subs is low enough to be satisfactorily handled by the P10.)

When I first heard the improvement a PP made to the sound I was astounded. Easily amongst those rare occasions in this hobby when a change makes such a clear improvement. The most discernible improvement was to transients. It sharpened the image and provided a more visceral listening experience. For sometime after first experiencing this nobody could explain to my satisfaction why this would be so. It’s really only in the last few years, after reading and hearing Paul McGowan’s multiple attempts at trying to explain it in his posts and videos, that I’ve come up with something that makes sense to me.

‘Low-impedance, regulated power’. But what do those words mean? To my mind they mean that no matter how much the voltage (and current) coming from the street (the utility power grid) fluctuates, the PP will provide rock-solid voltage and current (that is, power) to your gear, despite the fluctuating demands made by your rig in order to play your (dynamic) musical content. No matter if switching on electrical appliances either in your or your neighbour’s house cause momentary voltage ‘sags’, the PP will ‘buffer’ the fluctations and keep the supply steady.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. If you decide to trial a P15 or P20 in your house, you can not only hear the difference but you can actually ‘see’ what the PP does. PPs are programmed to gather the data from frequent snapshots of the incoming and outgoing voltage and power. If you connect your PP to the internet and register it with PS Audio, the data is periodically uploaded to PS Audio’s servers and you can view a graphical representation of the data on their ‘PowerPlay’ web site. Like me, you may be surprised at how much your voltage varies over a day.

Finally, as always, YMMV depending on your particular situation. In my case the AW600, although classed as a ‘high-end’ power amp, still hugely benefits from being fed low-impedance, highly regulated power.


Another person who powers both music and home theatre systems via their P20.
One benefit that hasn’t been mentioned so far, especially with the subs being powered by the regenerator is that they all share a common ground and as such are much less susceptible to ground loop hum.

Ground loop hum occurs when your equipment is powered from two or more electrical points and the two grounds being end up competing against each other, causing a hum. Using one common earth on your regenerator cures this issue.
If you are using big subs you may need a P20 as a P15 might not be provide enough power, especially at switch on?

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Yes, a dangerous yes. But isn’t a dangerous yes always better than a yes? Yes! :smiley:

No affiliation…:partying_face:

If you haven’t seen this review check it out. It’s been so long since I had my P10 out of my system I can’t remember what it sounds like without it. I came close to upgrading to a P20 but I don’t think it will fit in my rack. You can often find these on the used market but then you won’t get the excellent in house trial that PS Audio offers. If I were in your situation I would probably wait for a fall special and do an in house trial. They also have an excellent trade in policy if you have decent unused gear sitting around.


Ok, based upon my multiple days of reviewing reviews and comments, I have a new P15 on its way to my house.
I took some readings and looks like im currently drawing 6.2 amps max and 720 VA max via a watt meter that I can plug into the wall before all my gear.

I also noticed a voltgage drop of almost 2 volts on my line from when gear is off vs running hard.
I hope to get that dedicated 10ga 20amp line in soon to compare as well.
I hope to advise on my results soon


ok, it has begun. I have also ordered an open box (new and unused) Audioquest monsoon power cable from an authorized seller on ebay. $313 with tax and shipping vs $400 new in box.

im assuming the power cable will offer improvements as well?
please tell me im not stupid for going down this rabbit hole and thanks in advance. I hope to report my finding soon.
also, I hope to get that 10ga dedicated line in soon. I also bought a ps audio receptacle outlet for the dedicated line that I will install soon


Good idea on the dedicated line. Many of those here will attest the power cable makes a difference.
For myself, it made an equal-to or greater improvement than on any single source component.