Power plant premiere THD is 0.0%

Hi, I am using power plant premiere 120V US version.
It is working fine so far and Incoming THD is 1.8-1.9% and Out is 0.0%.

Have anyone here experienced like this outcome?

I have another PPP unit but never seen this low THD, usually 0.5-1.0%.

I am wondering is this unit even working?

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Hey Kei…

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You are very fortunate to have such low incoming thd…that’s amazing!!!

My typical thd varies from 3% to 6.5% with thd out .1 to .2%

From such low incoming thd my .00001 guess is that your power plant
is loafing right along…doing it’s thing…

Hopefully others with better insight will chime in.

Best wishes


Typically when a Power Plant fails the outgoing THD is as high as the incoming or higher. It is also common for a failed unit to make a lot of clicking noises.

While 0% outgoing THD surprises me, your incoming THD is low enough the outgoing will be very low. Perhaps the unit is rounding down in this instance.

Edit: I note you are in Japan. I do not know how a US Power Plant behaves with your lower voltage and higher cycles, 100V/60Hertz.

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Thank you for your comment!
My incoming thd is 1.8-2.0% so it seems quite good already, but other 2 Japanese version 100V PPP output thd is usually 04.-0.5%… only this unit out 0.0-0.1%, so I am wondering.
I’ll be very happy if this particular unit is a good one though.

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How does your system sound to your ears?

How it sounds to you should answer how well your
power plant is working…

Best wishes


Thank you for chiming in!
Yes I’m in Japan. I am using 2 JP 100V PPP already and the other day I bought US version to feed 120V gears in my private studio.
Drawing 200V from breaker to the wall outlet and reduce it to 120V using step-down transformer, then it goes into PPP.
So technically it should work like it’s in US.

There’s one thing I noticed that it boost up to 115-116V when connected to JP outlet which feeds 105-108V, on the other hand it reduces incoming 122-123V from step-down transformer to 115-118V, in both situation voltage adjustment is in highest setting.
Is this behavior normal?

Also, only when it is connected to step-down transformer it makes a little hum noise from its body, I guess it’s its transformer inside. it annoys me in the quiet situation.
Almost no sound when it’s connected to JP 100V outlet.

At least no problem in the sound compare to another PPP, so it is working fine I guess.
By the way I really love this product… I was blown away when I installed this and asking myself why I didn’t buy it earlier.
wondering how good P15 or P20 are.

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I hope one of the PS Audio people can answer your questions. I Unfortunately do not know.

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Hey Kei …

Elk provided the best answer …contact jamesh the PS Audio Whiz Kid
he knows far more than we do…

Yes the the new P12, P15, P20 are lightyears ahead of the original ppp
as time allows you might think along these possibilities.

Many improvements in design and parts …

Best wishes

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I would plug this PPP into the output of the PPP that reads 0%.
Then measure the incoming distortion level on this known good unit.
If you read under 1% distortion incoming, the output of the unit in question is probably good.

Much more than 1% and it is not regenerating properly.

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Thank you for the suggestion!
I will try it and see how THD changes.

Excuse me for asking this and that… and thank you for your help!
I will ask PS Audio staff for further information.

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I hope I could earn enough money to afford P20 … then definitely try that!
Thank you for your help, I’ll make contact to Jamesh.

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Please let us know how it goes and what you learn.

Yes, will do!

I tried to connect US PPP to another unit but it keeps making clicking noise and both unit’s in and out THD rises like 3-4%.
Both unit behave the same when those are connected other way round, so I guess it is because of AC FAN inside…? I guess I read some article says that you can not use gear using AC like electric motor or something in PPP or any regenerator.

BUT I tried another thing, connect tube guitar amp to this US PPP then it shows 0.5-0.7% THD when it is turned on and go back to 0% after turned off.
So I guess it works properly and the most important thing is, it sounds significantly better than another unit.
The cause of difference could be that one is connected to wall outlet directly(not audio dedicated outlet), and the other is connected to 200V to 100V step-down transformer from dedicated 200V outlet though.

Still I have a lot of question to ask to PS Audio people, I am happy it sounds great.