PreAmp +DSD sr

logically, it seems that if you need a preamp to bring out the beauty of the DAC, then that DAC is inadequate and not ready for prime time…

I disagree. Why must a DAC also be a preamp or have built-in volume control.

Logically if you are an audiophile then you definitely want a high end pre-amp. My preamp has MM and MC phono inputs, 12 v trigger, HT bypass three XLR analog inputs, a built-in DAC, blue level meters and lovely green glowing tubes. The preamp is new but the MM tubes are telefunken and the line stage is an RCA - at least 60 years old!

What’s not to like?


“In our experience, there is NO preamp that sounds better than having NO preamp”

though it must be lovely to watch the greens and blue lights emanating from superfluous equipment…a preamp with a built in DAC to hear a DAC?

From your point of view it may seem logical. But, from my point of view, it is not logical. Go figure…

my philosophy is never to do things HalfAss…

i guess that’s why i consider myself an AssWhole…

I certainly won’t disagree with you on that point!

thank you for the compliment!!

Whatever floats your boat.

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Please play nice, gentlemen.

I’ve never heard this one before… its hilarious…