Preamp for M1200 Mono Amps

Hi all,
I am thinking of updating my many years old system with a pair of Stellar M1200 Amps and I do not see a Stellar PreAmp on the Stellar family page.

Does PS Audio or anyone have any suggestions for a PreAmp to go with a pair of M1200 amps?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

The Stella GainCell Dac is a DAC and preamp in one. Excellent kit. I have one paired with my M700 monoblocks.


It’s not an inexpensive option, but the very best is the BHK Pre. It will clearly outperform the GainCell. If it’s outside of your reach, I would drive them directly from a DirectStream Sr and start to put away money until the BHK is within reach


Both great options. It’s always budget, right?

@Palouse is right. The Gain Cell/DAC (SGCD around these parts) is the preamp in the Stellar line. And like him, I also have one paired with M700s.

Wyred STP-SE for transparency. Stage 2 brings more openness and purity. BHK sounds warmer and musical but at a higher cost.

Agree on Wyred 4 Sound and I’ve owned and sold the BHK preamp.

I have the BHK Preamp with the M1200’s. They match very nicely together.
If the high cost is an issue, Schiit Audio makes a preamp with tubes called Freya+
Whatever route you go, strongly recommend balanced cables from preamp to M1200 power amp.

The M1200’s were voiced with the BHK preamp so that would be the best option. I had the M1200’s and the BHK preamp. You can’t go wrong.

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