Preamp repair shop recommendation

Can someone please recommend a reasonably priced repair shop for my PS Audio 4.0 preamp? The push buttons started cutting out until it finally quit working altogether. I bought a PS Audio 4.5 preamp hoping it would solve my problem but it won’t work in line-amp mode and the right channel lacks adequate volume. I’m in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hi Spudgy and welcome. Have you tried contacting PS Audio directly?

Thanks, Tony. I may try them later if I can’t find a less expensive repair shop. Their price for repairing my 200c amp a long time ago was pretty high and being retired now, I have to watch my budget.

Ah, got it. Great name, BTW. :smile: :+1:

Before handing over to a tech shop, I would simply remove the cover (with it unplugged of course) and spray contact cleaner into the switches and cycling them multiple times. I recommend Caig Deoxit 5.


I 2nd trying Deoxit. It’s magic!

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While Audio Classics is mostly McIntosh they do have a service/repair team.
It might be worth giving them a call.

Hopes this helps

Best wishes

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. If the spray doesn’t do the trick I’ll give them a call.

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