Preferred storage method of music file


I use a Mac Pro and connect it to DSD Bridge II via Ethernet cable. As growing amount of my music file collection, I am thinking below 3 ways to increase storage music files, could any experienced user comment which way is better?

  1. Add 1TB SSD flash inside Mac Pro (Already has 256GB SSD Flash)
  2. Attach another 1TB SSD drive via USB port without extra power supply
  3. Attach 1TB SSD or 3TB HDD via Thunderbolt port with external linar power supply

Thank you!

What a loaded question this is! If you have the time, and patience, go over to and search around. There are whole epic threads about this very subject. It is not for the faint of heart. I’m a pretty technically savvy guy and I grow weary reading those threads and the $hit-slinging that goes on there. I think this is a pretty good starting point from the guys at They do a lot of Mac Mini upgrades that don’t apply to the Mac Pro, but you get the idea.

So I went back to and looked for a thread I had run into previously regarding media storage. The OP is Alex Crespi “Superdad” of UpTone Audio, a really good and knowledgeable guy. They make great products, BTW. He found that CF cards to have the best sound. Looking this up has inspired me to try it out for myself. Here’s the link:

Interesting, I was unaware anyone opined CF cards have the bet sound. I record to them as they are robust with a low failure rate. I hope it is true they also sound the best.

Thanks to Amgradmd for useful info. CF card storage is too small for me.