PS 300? "Open ground" reading

Could any help me explain why I don’t get a ground connection from my PS 300 when I check its own IEC with the regenerated energy?

I checked with a AC tester and it shows a"Open Ground" reading.


The little plug in ground checkers won’t work because the P300 is putting out a balanced signal. Ignore it.

Hello Paul, thanks for that piece of knowledge. Any advice regarding Multiwave setting for a digital source that doesn’t have a transformer

per se. Just power supply.

I am not sure what you mean by 'not having a transformer. Every electronic device should have a transformer. But MultiWave can be chosen simply by which sounds better.


Are the newer P3/P5/P10 devices balanced like that P300?

I’ve heard tell that the Balanced power is somehow better.

The newer units are not balanced (nor is the PPP), but they have much lower output impedance, more reserves, better distortion reducing capability, etc.

And sound better. :)

The newer ones are also more efficient. The original Power Plant series could run very hot.