PS Audio AV 5000 Power Center

Hello guys, i have an AV 5000 power center and when the device is plugged into the outlet a humming noise comes from the device, which is very annoying when sitting in my living room because when its quiet i can hear the noise. Any idea what it may be?


A mechanical hum from a transformer could mean there is DC on the line. I don’t know anything about that unit, unfortunately. Hopefully someone from PSA will chime in.

SteveM is right, but the AV5000 cannot be contributing to it, it’s a passive device. You can prove that to yourself by simply removing it from the AV5000 and plugging it in elsewhere. If it comes from inside the unit it’s the transformer, humming because of line conditions, which the 5000 cannot fix, or because it’s a poorly built transformer and there’s nothing to be done.

the sound is coming from inside the AV5000, and im also using an AC-12 cable from the power outlet to it…