PS Audio CD Transport clarification

I currently have a DirectStream DAC and would like to send it raw DSD at some point. I’m trying to find the differences between the models or versions, but it’s still not that clear to me.

  1. Current - PerfectWave SACD Transport. Plays SACD and can send raw DSD to the DirectStream DAC. This one was the was the easy one, but I’m looking at used, or at least at a significant discount. I can’t justify paying this much for a CD player yet. I say CD Player, so it’s easier to justify why I can’t pay that much. lol
  2. Older - DirectStream Memory Player (DMP). I identify this one by seeing the little USB between the touchscreen and the CD Tray. Does this play SACD and send raw DSD like #1? It says it plays high resolution audio from CDs and DVDs, but I haven’t seen it explicitly say that it plays SACD.
  3. Oldest - PerfectWave CD Transport (PST). This one has the touchscreen and no USB like #2. This does NOT play SACD. but will make redbook CDs sound great. This is a redbook player from what I’ve seen.

Is #2 or #3 the one that has the 30 second buffer?

This is what I’ve been able to gather. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes to Q number 2; via DoP, AFAIK:


You have one more option. That is to skip the disc spinner. I have the new PSAudio transport but I still enjoy streaming. You can rip your SACD’s and stream them to your DSDac. It works flawlessly and at DSD256 thanks to Ted’s updates.


Oh man, I haven’t even had a chance to look into streaming yet. I’m going on a bit of a tangent here but… If I have ripped SACDs on my computer hard drive, is streaming it to my DAC the only way to play DSD?

I’m so used to adding the mp3s to my media player and hitting play. I have to “Stream” it?

The Directstream Memory Player DMP does play SACD DSD layer to Directstream DAC. The Original PWT will play DSD via DOP files recorded to a DVD but will not play the DSD layer of an SACD

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You’ve done well with your research. You’re on the right track as far as identifying our transports. Only the PST (current transport) and the DMP are able to send the DSD layer to your DAC. You’re right, the oldest transport (PWT) was mainly a redbook player. The PWT was the one that had the largest buffer, but depending on the drive and which code is in the machine, the buffer is much shorter.

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#3 has the big buffer

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Damn, this is a black hole. hahaha So… is DoP just as good as raw DSD via i2s? Is DSD streamed the same as DSD off a spinning disk? I saw Paul’s video talking about clocks, but I’ve watched so many now, I can’t remember if he was referring to the older PWT and PCM data.

Start here RE: The DMP -

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See here RE: DoP -

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Thank you!

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If you can afford to swim in the DMP or PST lane (new or used), I don’t think you should worry about the PWT.

It’s a fine player but the former are closer to the state of the art.

I don’t think I can afford it, but somehow I have become addicted. Better this than drugs right? Drugs might be cheaper.


Certainly give us a call if you are eying the new PST. If you have something to trade, specially if its MSRP was pretty high, we’re always able to you some good pricing.

Thank you jamesh! I am still doing some research and trying to justify this to myself, but will be in contact if the PST is the route I end up taking.

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related question regarding PST. it will not play the DSD layer on a sony classical disc. Yo-Yo Ma recording Bach’s cello suites. have not had this problem with any other SACD or DSD discs. suggestions?

Hello all, I have a similar question about the DMP and PST… According to the manuals for the PST it can play DSD audio if the DAC supports PS’s i2s format, while the DMP says it only works with PS Dacs. Is this correct or has this been changed?

From PST:
With the PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport and a compatible DAC or audio component, listeners
can now enjoy the highest level of DSD audio reproduction from SACD discs, and superior CD playback.
Through our advanced interface, pure DSD is streamed to, and processed in, the same reference
quality DAC used by mastering engineers like Gus Skinas, Cookie Marenco and Steve Hoffman to
name a few. The PST will play back pure DSD only through DACs employing PS Audio’s I
2S protocols.

While the DMP manual says:

With the introduction of DMP, owners of our DirectStream series of DACs can uncover all that they
have been missing. Based on a proprietary handshake protocol between DMP and PS Audio DACs,
through our advanced I²S interface, pure DSD is streamed to, and processed in, the same reference
quality DAC used by mastering engineers like Gus Skinas, Cookie Marenco and Steve Hoffman, to
name a few. DMP will playback pure DSD only through a PS protected DAC to prevent copyright
and copying violations of the master DSD layer. Only PS Audio DACs have this ability. Other DACs
employing PS Audio’s I2
S protocols will not deliver DSD.

I actually have DMP and older dac and was considering some different dacs and was wondering do i need to dump the DMP to leverage SACD decoding with other DACS. Reading on the forums here i can see people using the PST with Holo and other dacs, but only rumor of the DMP.

Sorry if this is a taboo subject…

The DMP required a digital handshake with a PS Audio DAC through its I2S inputs. The PST does not require that same handshake and thus will work through any compatible I2S input DAC. Not all DACs properly handle our I2S interface, but for those that do it should work fine.


Great info for those looking to upgrade to previously owned DMP and don’t own a PSA DSD.

I realize this might be difficult to do, but it would be great to know which other DACs interfaced with the PST, and the other way around, which other transports interfaced with the PSA DSD (or the GSD or soon to be introduced next gen DAC).

Edit, that is of course without the need of Chinese interfaces or mods.