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Welcome to the North German HIFI Days
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North German hi-fi days 2019
In February 2019, the next North German HiFi days will start!

Our opening times:
Sat, 02.02. from 10am to 6pm
Sun, 03.02. from 10am to 4pm

Admission is free!
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HIFI fair in Aarhus Denmark on 23-24. February 2019.
As a completely extraordinary gesture for the perfect sound, Hotel Royal will spend the weekend of 23-24. February 2019, its historic and exclusive suites for an international high-end exhibition of music and sound systems: Soundsociety

Give yourself and your loved ones a luxury experience. For ear, eyes and soul.

Step inside the historic hotel and experience sound like you have never experienced before. Be inspired when some of the world’s most renowned audio producers invite an audio experience beyond the ordinary. Walk from suite to suite in historic hotel. Sound ears from the world’s best music system. Take a look at the art deco art of the hotel, enjoy a well-composed cocktail from the hotel bar or sit in Restaurant Royal in good company.

Each of the 30 suites offers unique sound experiences. Experience the purest and most authentic sound. The luxurious décor, the soft carpets and the heavy curtains create a perfect setting for sound experiences beyond the ordinary.

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