HIFI fair in Aarhus Denmark on 23-24. February 2019

HIFI fair in Aarhus Denmark on 23-24. February 2019.
As a completely extraordinary gesture for the perfect sound, Hotel Royal will spend the weekend of 23-24. February 2019, its historic and exclusive suites for an international high-end exhibition of music and sound systems: Soundsociety

Give yourself and your loved ones a luxury experience. For ear, eyes and soul.

Step inside the historic hotel and experience sound like you have never experienced before. Be inspired when some of the world’s most renowned audio producers invite an audio experience beyond the ordinary. Walk from suite to suite in historic hotel. Sound ears from the world’s best music system. Take a look at the art deco art of the hotel, enjoy a well-composed cocktail from the hotel bar or sit in Restaurant Royal in good company.

Each of the 30 suites offers unique sound experiences. Experience the purest and most authentic sound. The luxurious décor, the soft carpets and the heavy curtains create a perfect setting for sound experiences beyond the ordinary.

Come visit https://www.buchardtaudio.com/

Come visit Aarhus. I am again fortunate to be with Mads for the fair as the thin old beer. Thanks Mads … to keep the old one going. The press writes:
At the Sound Society on February 23-24, Buchardt Audio will again play this year on their impressive speakers.

Buchardt Audio is a Danish High-End speaker manufacturer that differs by selling speakers directly from manufacturer to customer. It gives us the market’s best sound for the money.
The Buchardt Audio - S400 is far from a traditional speaker in the sense that we know the S300.
Innovation has been added to a new unique waveguide / horn hybrid in aluminum - a waveguide not only designed specifically for the treble, but also designed to match the new bass / midrange spread, to provide a seamless transition. This waveguide also has a directive that eliminates 90% of the edge diffractions from the cabinet.
An entirely new modified 19mm textile diffuser is used, which can be divided completely by 2000hz using the waveguide. A challenge that had to be solved by using such a deep waveguide was the phase shift between bass and treble. This is solved by putting the waveguide under the bass, as well as a very discreet slope of the cabinet of only two degrees. The result is a constant-frequency speaker from 1kHz up. Which means that the speaker has a very large sweet spot and at the same time controls reflections from the room. The Direct to Reverb Sound ratio is thus increased. The sound is completely neutral whether listening on or off-axis.
Experience the sound of room 415

See more and order your ticket at www.sound-society.dk


Unfortunately, we will not experience PS audio at the fair, but PS audio’s importer holds a big fair with all sorts of lovely products. I inform approaching at some point.