PS Audio Gold vs Directstream MKII Massive Thoughts

I am a beta tester for the Gold, but i might go to the DS MKII as long as i get a good trade in from Scott :wink:

The Gold is very good, better than when i had the DMP with JR from memory.

I have read that the Gold Pre might be as good as the BHK, how about the Gold DAC vs the MKII?

Also i just got a PST for a source, i dont stream much but i do have over 2K cd’s and SACD’s

You really need to trial the MKII as it has its own unique sound. Not everyone will necessarily get along with it. I really like the Gold DAC as well.


Isn’t it expensive paying someone to swap out cd’s and sacd’s every time you want to listen to something new? Wish I had that kind of money :slight_smile:

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Gold DAC is amazing but not compared to the MKII with Massive. Call the guys in sales before it’s too late and I’ll bet they’ll bend over backwards for you.


I beta-tested the Gold and compared it to a pre-Massive MK2 and even before Massive the MK2 was superior in all areas-musicality, soundstage, detail, etc.-when paired with the SG Pre. With Massive it is even more so. I strongly suggest trying it out.


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@jtsnead As you see, this is exactly why a trial is necessary. Opinions will vary on both DACs.