PS Audio in-wall speakers?

Do you think that PS Audio would be willing to make some in wall speakers that would match AN3, AN2, AN1?. So us that want to have a home theater in our listening room will be able to have a solid front end for Movies and such. Or will we able to get extra AN series speakers for home theater setups?

Can someone from PS Audio answer? Maybe @Paul.

Sorry, I missed this question on the first go round. Thanks for the ping. I am not sure in-wall speakers are a way we would consider. Not that we couldn’t but it’s just not something we would support out of the chute. Maybe later.

I do think a lot about how to minimize floor space and still get a high performance result. I believe it’s important and possible but it’ll take some doing to make the speakers disappear.

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Ok. No problem. I know your busy working on making new amazing products. Thanks for responding. I’m just trying to figure out a path for my home system and how to integrate it with a home theater room that will also have to serve as my 2 channel room. I can’t wait to hear the AN series line. :smiley: Will PS Audio sell single speakers if I want to use one as a center channel?. Or will I have to go another route for my center channel?.

Yes, the speakers will be sold as singles so people can order 1, 2, or 3 according to their needs.

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