PS Audio room RMAF

I must say I was impressed with the sound of the PS Audio room, which is using a prototype speaker Designed by Arnie Nudell. The sound was sweet, engaging, and exhibited tight and Powerful Bass. Look forward to hearing the completed version of the speaker.


Did Paul add subwoofers?

I was there early in the show and didn’t see any. From what I heard, none were needed.
Sounded impressive, and bodes well for the AN line that’s under development.

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Thanks for sharing. I wish I could attend.

The room has a nice atmosphere…wish I could have listened!

No. The subs are twin servo controlled 12": woofers you can see on the sides of the cabinets. This system reaches down to 20Hz and certainly has no lack of bottom end. If anything it was a bit much for the room and while some tracks sounded glorious others might have had a touch too much as the system overloaded the room. But, overall, I think we did well letting people have a chance to listen to Arnie Nudell’s reference system. It is not often one gets a chance to hear something like this—the tools of the master.

We were fortunate the family allowed us to take these one of a kind loudspeakers, cables, and electronics that make them work to a public show. We’ll not be able to do it again.

Why not just duplicate Arnie’s design instead of starting from scratch, Paul? I’ve followed the speaker thread, and understand the need for a mid and lower priced model.
Is it a patent problem, or is it just that special tweeter you want to use?

I can only imagine how good it sounded.

Having read through the new speaker thread, I recall Paul’s disclosure that Arnie had a great influence on the current PS Audio speaker prototypes. Arnie felt that he and Paul could improve on his prior designs. It seems it was Arnie’s drive and motivation, along with Paul’s, to come up with an even superior speaker concept.

Plus, I can’t imagine it being very fun and/or rewarding to simply copy someone else’s work, no matter how good it is/was.

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I suppose you are correct.

Well, basically we are in principle but we have several things missing and Arnie too wanted to move forward. He was ready for new drivers. The midrange he used is no longer manufactured. He wanted to move both midrange and tweeters to AMT style and that’s what we’re doing.

The woofer and midrange are about the same, though we’re adding DSP (my idea) because we need to make it easy for people to use these in their rooms. Arnie had approved this move after much arm twisting. We can’t use the same cabinet because that’s a shape and look that belongs to Genesis.

Yes, Jeff, exactly.

Thanks Paul,

I admire your commitment to this project. If you can produce something that betters the IRS with that much smaller footprint, it will be a true feat of engineering. I can’t wait to see and hear the final results.

Nice write-up at AudioStream on PS Audio’s Room at RMAF, congrats! Wish I could have been there to see and hear it.

Very good idea this was!