PS Audio Music Server In The Pipeline?

With QNAP, get another cheap 8TB SATA drive, attach it by USB and use Backup Station to do 5am backups every Sunday morning. WD RED drives internally.

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I additionally suggest backing up your music collection to a portable drive and storing this at your office or other off-site location. This way you still have your carefully tagged music files if you experience a burglary, fire, etc.


If it’s not offsite, it’s not a backup :slight_smile:


I would recommend a cloud based backup service like Backblaze, saves you having to remember to transport physical media which can often result in longer gaps between what’s offsite and what’s onsite.

Personally, I back everything up to TimeMachine (onsite), have my music files on an iCloud Drive (offsite) AND have Backblaze back everything up (offsite). At this point, if I lose them I’ll have to accept it was not meant to be. :smile:

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Now that I’ve had experience with a product that has a Moat, etc one of the aspects PS’s server hopefully will address is the discrepancy between the sound of WAV, AIF, Flac, etc.

My Mac Pro 2013 running an older Jriver has more than enough processing power and ram (64g) to handle decoding flac to uncompressed, (try 4K files!) so there must be another reason the Sonics are not identical. Possibly it’s software based.

And If the discrepancy can’t be engineered out there could always be a smart cache, like my Davinci Resolve system has for video.
Essentially it would pre read the playlist and unpack that temporarily to WAV. (And perhaps allow tagging to uncompress tracks).

7 posts were split to a new topic: Roon 7.1 announced

Why was the announcement of Roon 1.7 merged into this topic? I use Roon with DSD/Bridge and I was under the impression that Roon isn’t planned to be part of the new music server. Or at least a super long shot.

Just curious :thinking:

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Because in the thread there’s been a good deal of discussion between Roon and PSA developing their new UI. @Elk I’m new posting, if inappropriate plz advise.

Good point @michaelhifi

I think the thread effectively got buried here.

Gotcha but with Roon being available on DSD and DSD Jr. only it seems like one shouldn’t have to dig through this topic to get info on it.

The latest Roon commentary is here because cyberguy1 posted the announcement of Roon 1.7 in this thread.

I can split it off into its own thread if this is the consensus but, as already noted, there has been a good deal of Roon discussion in this thread - among a number of other things.

I think it is completely inappropriate to discuss Roon in a thread that is about a product that intends to replace Roon. This isn’t deep thought. Roon is worthy of it’s own thread.

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What is appropriate is what members are interested in posting and discussing. We have discussed Roon, ripping software, backup practices, etc. all in this thread in the recent past.

But we have one vote to move Roon 1.7 to its own thread. Others? I don’t care as long as the discussion is in one place.

My vote would be to have it in a different topic given it is supported on DSD and DSD Jr.

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So you think topic drift should be supported in this manner? Why title threads then? Maybe it’s time to pass the task on.

This forum is full of “topic drift.” I learned long ago this group of cats wants threads to reflect actual conversations - chats among friends move and weave with nobody yelling “That’s off-topic!”

It would be a full time job to monitor all the threads to make certain their content only reflects their title.

My splitting threads often upsets our fellow denizens. It is a fine balance. Thus my query as to preference in this occasion. Let’s learn what people think.

I’d be interested in later feature comparisons, so however we decide today, we will see the two topics together again anyway.

On the one hand I think this is no marketing thread but a discussion thread, so everything could stay here…on the other hand, the special topic Roon or Roon update would deserve an own thread to stay followable.

But to mention Roon topics here and there in this thread should be „allowed“ further on :wink:

Good thinking. I like the idea of splitting off the Roon update comments and continuing our discussion of Roon in the context of servers/players.

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Comparison of Expected Octave functionality to any other online music service including should be OK in this thread. But discussions about Roon 1.7 specifically would do better in a separate thread, very interesting though.

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Posts regarding Roon 1.7 have been split off to their own thread here.