Quite awhile back, I purchased a limping P500. Not too much wrong, but it required a new power resistor, and a new cooling fan. Worked for about a year, and then the same resistor burned up. This time when disassembling the unit, I noticed that it had been to PS Audio for repair at one time. That brings me to the next decision. Forget getting it up and running again, but KEEP the internal transformer and built in Ultimate outlet, plus the three Power Ports. So, that left me thinking that I could simply wire the balanced AC output of the transformer to the AC outlets. Nah, The result is actually that the balanced output from the transformer equals 160 volts AC. Each side isP8130005.JPGP8130003.JPG 85 volts to ground. I would assume the output of 160 volts was designed specifically for the AC amplifier of the P500 and not simply to be used as a balanced transformer for AC outlets. Any ideas as to what I can do?

As an end to things, I have used some of the parts such as the outlets in this unit. I may use other parts in the future, but in case anyone out there is interested, I would give away the remaining unit for the cost of shipping. It is pretty well disassembled now, but maybe useful as parts to another P500.