P20 and Balanced AC question

Would it safe to plug my P20 into a balanced AC outlet (i.e. +60/-60Vas opposed to 120/0V)? Probably a dumb question, but would I see balanced AC at the P20’s output?

Have you previously plugged ANY item, other than, say, hospital equipment into that outlet?
I ask as others elsewhere online say do not plug anything into that outlet, as it will cause electrocution.

My P15 is a 230V version. In October 2020, I connected it to +115V/-115V. So far no issues and sound quality is very good.

Normally balanced AC power looks no different to a device than standard bonded neutral power. It’s still 120volts. And it is not inherently dangerous to the end user. Even vintage transformerless TVs and Radios wouldn’t be any more unsafe than with standard AC power - provided they are not hacked with chassis grounded inputs and output ports, and that would be just as dangerous on standard AC power depending on which way it’s plugged in. Ditto that for some cheap vintage guitar amps.

However I understand the latest PS Audio power plants designs are “line interactive” technology. Meaning they operate directly from the AC line. If that is correct there may be some problems with connecting the PS Power Plant to 60-0-60 balanced AC power.


I do know a lot of plug in UPS systems will not even turn on if supplied with balanced AC because they sense the elevated neutral voltage as a building wiring fault.

I’m curious, where is this balanced power coming from? Hard wired balanced AC is very rare, only found in scientific labs and the pro audio industry*. In fact it is not even legal outside of these special applications. Note I am talking about hard wired systems, a balanced power conditioner or isolation product that plugs in is beyond NEC jurisdiction - but still (should) require UL or some accredited certification.

  • Oh yes, and balanced power is used on railroad communications systems but for different reason far beyond this discussion.
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The following is an example of a UK balanced power supply. Hopefully it’d be safe to use between the incoming AC and PS Audio regenerators, e.g.:

PP Premier,
P3 P5 P10
P12 P15 P20
Stellar P3

Maybe PS Audio could confirm that it’s safe to connect an AC-2K to any of the above!

UNITY RCA interconnect cables — connected-fidelity

IMO, choose one or the other.

A benefit with the PS Power Plant is that is can provide some surge capacity to ride through musical peaks. So why increase the utility impedance even further by placing another transformer in the path?

Perhaps others have tried this and can comment?