PS Audio SR-1 Source Preamplifier

Hi. I’m new to this forum. I’ve had a couple of PS Audio components inn the past but just recently came across an SR-1 Source preamp. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a schematic in this forum? I’m having a power supply conundrum that I need to address. Thanks for any help!

Hello, I dont know of anybody having schematics, they are rare, so rare in fact that I need parts for mine and would be interested in yours if you are so inclined. If not, I can send you photos of what you need in case that helps.
Thank you.

Yeah, let me get mine out and take some pictures for you.


I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve just been busy re-wiring some guitars lately. As soon as that’s complete, I’ll get the PS out and send you some pictures.


I can send you photos of the guts in mine or anything you think will help you figure out your power supply issue.

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Yeah, why don’t you do that and I’ll go ahead and get mine out for you.

Here you go sorry been busy with life.

I am so glad you e-Mailed me. I lost your e-Mail address so I couldn’t find you. I’ve got mine out and I’m gonna send you some pictures.

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Sweet, strange yours has the power supply inside. I thunk these may have been a kit. Did my ohitos help you figure out your issue?

Oh no, I thought you had an issue with yours and were looking for parts or something. I moved the pwr supply inside the chassis. Since it’s in a Faraday cage, there is no reason for it to be outboard. All it is is a simple step-down transformer. Nothing else. I also added a line filter to it.

Mine worked perfectly the last time I had it in the system.

If you want to sell it, I am def down. I love this preamp

Yeah, I’ll sell it.

Sorry i thought i had responded. What are you thinking?

Well, it’s for sale.