Schematics for PS Audio P600 Power Plant

Dear HIFI Family,
I’m a newbie on this Forum, and I need your help. Just bought myself a used PS Audio P600 Power Plant, that was sold to me as is for repair or parts. I’m a pro-classical musician, cellist, and lifetime diehard audiophile, retired with no pension. So, I couldn’t afford anything better out of the Power Regenerators family. I need to repair this one, and for that I’m looking for a Schematics. If anybody has it, or knows someone who does, please, kindly let me know, I’d appreciate it a lot!
Thank you!

Good luck to you.

I would try calling PSA on Monday. They might very well be able to hook you up, if not offer a repair solution.


Thank you, my fellow audiophile,

I still hope one of our audiophile family posses and wouldn’t mind kindly share the PSA P600 Power Plant schematics with me.