PS Audio vs: Peachtree

I currently have a Peachtree Nova 150 which has proven to be a very nice integrated amp. My listening room is 13 x 10 and is a multi-use space so its acoustics leave something to be desired. After going through several different speakers - both bookshelf and floor-standers - I’m now driving KEF Q100’s because they are front ported. I got a really good closeout deal on them and they turn out to be the best fit for my room out of all the speakers that I’ve tried.

I’ve been contemplating purchasing a PS Audio Gain Cell DAC and S300 amp package for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. And just recently Peachtree has released their new Nova 500 with 500 wpc of clean power and they have a really good trade-in program for current Peachtree owners.

So trading my Nova 150 for a Nova 500 or trading my Nova 150 for the PS Audio gear both result in about a $2k out of pocket cost for the upgrades so they are essentially a wash cost-wise. What I’m now trying to determine is what is the best value/best sound combination for that $2k?The power of the new Nova 500 will position me for my dream Klipsch Corner Horns that I hope to purchase in my next (and last) home but I suspect that Stellar DAC and S300 will also work well with virtually any speaker, including the Corner Horns.

Are there any former Peachtree owners that have taken the PS Audio plunge? If so, what do you think of the PS Audio gear in comparison to your Peachtree? Or if anyone else has any advice I’m all ears.

Whatever I decide to do it will probably be the last upgrade to the driving power side of my audio rig and I’d like to get it right the first time.


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I didn’t have the Peachtree but went from a Parasound Halo Integrated to SGCD/S300 to drive my Q900s. I do know the PS Audio gear was a far better match for my KEFs. It made them come alive. I recommend you trial the Stellar gear.

I loved my Peachtree 220SE. It served me well for many years, but I realized it was an entry level audiophile product after upgrading to separates. First I introduced the DSJr, then other non-PS Audio components. I think you will find, as I did, that while the Peachtree products are jacks of all trades, they are masters of none. I still think highly of Peachtree, but given your options, I would recommend the PS Audio route.

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The 220SE is what I have now. I also love it. But I’m starting to recognize that maybe separates might suit me better for the long term, particularly in the DAC department. I use a Schiit Bifrost Multibit for my headphone rig and it just makes everything feel more alive and vivid. And the Peachtree only has the one analog input. So. At some point I will probably move. I’ve been advised here to upgrade from my LS50 speakers first. And I’d also like a regenerator, even though I’m uncertain how much it will improve the setup I have. Good luck in your hunt. Please keep updating us, because I am in a very similar boat.

I know that separate components are, as a rule, better than an all-in-one unit like my Peachtree. But one thing that I really like about my Peachtree is the IOS interface so I can quietly connect my iPad for SiriusXM and Spotify streaming. I know that I can still connect my iPad to the Stellar (via Bluetooth utilizing a third-party Bluetooth receiver) but it’s difficult for me to jump into this when I have something that works pretty darn good already. Ah, the quest for that ultimate sound is not always cut and dried easy!

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I’ve been using the ios USB camera kit adapter with the GCD and it works. One tiny annoyance is that everytime i use it, it resets the volume to 0 on my ipad, but once i raise it back up it stays up until i’m done.

Thanks for your feedback, everyone. I’m still undecided but I am leaning towards the PS gear, especially since you former Peachtree owners recommend it over the Peachtree.