A big gap in lineup?

I currently use an old Peachtree Decco amp with built in DAC. I would like to upgrade to PS Audio gear but am not sure if the Sprout would be much of an upgrade. I would love to hear this board’s opinion.

I have trouble justifying the cost of the Strata integrated and am wondering if there is anything in between that I am unaware of? Are there any plans within PS Audio to fill that gap?
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Probably better way to look at it is in general lineup starts at $3k with Strata or S300 and preamp and goes up from there (to $20k-ish M300s and pre combo), with Sprout just a low-cost offering to introduce the brand to those starting out. “Gateway drug” probably isn’t the best description to use to describe but that’s kinda what Sprout is (meant in a non-offensive way) - offering solid performance for really low money but really the performance lines start at the $3k level.

Would there be much of a difference in sound between my Decco and the Sprout?

There is such a vast choice these days, the consumer is just spoilt.

My favourite is Bluesound because of the fantastic streaming and a pretty good DAC. I use the Powernode 2i for desktop with mini-monitors, but the Node 2i with any amplifier of your choice depending on your speakers and room size is a good bet.

It has every streaming service including Amazon HD and Roon.

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No idea, sorry. I haven’t heard either.

Thank you

Maybe I will go back to my original idea of a Bluesound with My current Decco until I can afford the Strata

Just thinking of some options that I would consider - this may not work in your situation; have you considered adding a used power amp for now and use the Decco as a DAC/pre, while saving up. You could then typically sell/trade that amp when ready for a Strata.

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that is a really good idea…what brands would you suggest I consider and (maybe more importantly) what brands should I avoid?

There are a bunch of options, let’s say up to $500-600 or so that may provide better bass, soundstage, dynamics, etc. (but you should decide on costs).

I’m sure others may chime in on their favorites.

To help further, what type of speakers do you have / intend to use & what is the room size/dimensions?

You can get a used S300 for about $900. Or a brand new Schiit Vidar for $700…or used for ~$600.

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I have some Omega 7s on order, very efficient 94db+

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Jedi offered a couple great options. Didn’t realize used S300 are under $1k, so definitely consider if you can stretch the $$ to $900.

As for what I would do, maybe get the Omega 7s in and live with them and your current system for a few weeks. Get to know what you like about it. Research and read about what others with Omega 7s are using.

You have a good group here to keep asking questions and getting ideas. It’s a fun group.

Thank you

Yes, I immediately felt welcome here and want to be part of it by owning PS audio gear
Is it possible to set an alert on the PS for sale board for the s300?


You could add a WTB thread in the ‘for sale’ section. Also, it’s worth giving the PS Audio team a call as well to speak about their recommendations. I know they have trade in options on new S300 amps and it’s worth the call just to get all routes considered.

@wavendon As a general rule of thumb, you can get PS Audio gear for 30% off retail without too much strain thanks to the trade in program. I own the S300, and it is a very nice amp. Dual mono design, class A/D hybrid.

But if I didn’t already own the S300, and if I was in a similar gear phase as you, I would absolutely give the Schiit Aegir a try. It costs $799 for one, but can be run as mono-blocks as your system grows - which means for about the retail price of a S300 you can get Aegir mono-blocks. The Aegir is rated Class “A” by Stereophile, which means they place it in the same class, FWIW, as the top of the line PS Audio amps. Tonight I watched a glowing YouTube review of it by Ron on the New Record Day channel (https://youtu.be/aVP5cPaXfR4). Steve Guttenberg also raves about it.

One never knows what sort of sound will mesh best with a given consumer and their gear, but with a 15 day return policy, I’d be very tempted to start with the Schiit Aegir because of the great value. The PeachTree, I assume, could be the preamp/ DAC.

My next move is a Schiit Freya+ tubed preamp, but when the amp bug strikes one day, I’ll give the Aegir’s an audition. Not sure if I’ll like their sound, but class A amps at that price are really hard to find. Nelson Pass is the Class A king, and those cost serious money. The Aegir is Schiit’s unique version of Class A.


Agree that Aegir (or two) is incredible value. Just be cognizant it is low power (20 wpc) so you need efficient and easy to drive speakers to get good results.

Indeed, even class A/B amps at this price are rare these days, but Aegir is fricken class A! That is amazing.

By contrast, PSA is class D up thru it’s $6k m1200 amps, which is fine (I’m not a class D basher, in fact my reference system amp is class D). Different approach being taken by Schiit with Vidar and Aegir and are getting rave reviews

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I agree, the Aegir would require efficient speakers. In the YouTube review I linked, Ron tries them with quite a few speakers. Guttenberg ran the Aegir monos with Maggie 0.7’s, which are power hungry speakers.

Obviously the best is mono-blocks. But the OP is using a fairly low wattage PeachTree Decco, so depending on his speakers, the Aegir could be a better route than the S300, and I’m a fan of the S300. But with the Aegir, could start with one for now, and add a second later, can’t do that with the S300…

I haven’t heard an Aegir, but just from the reviews and a spec comparisons, it kicks the Schiit out of PS Audio’s value equation.

Keep in mind Aegirs can only be run in mono on 8 Ohm loads - not 4 Ohm. And you could use two S300s as monoblocks if you have speakers that can be bi-wired.