PS Audio's Decision to Go Direct Pushed Me Out of the Hobby

You’re a minority, but I get it. Without the trade-in, PS Audio has essentially had a 25-50% price hike for typical buyers and that’s just not cool!

You know I’m a minority for that purchase option how, perchance?


Lol, you’re in the minority… how’s what? :wink:

Rolig nu… og Hygge

Every time they measure which country is the happiest etc … we laugh a lot and it’s not something we take seriously. It’s not object driven. laugh out loud
The article you are referring to is old and is an old picture of our country. lol lol. Our country is not perfect
Read something Søren Kierkegaard lol

More love from Denmark

We are civilized Vikings

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I do not defend the OP’s post as reasonable. I am only stating it was sufficiently thought provoking (or incendiary if you prefer) to elicit responses. And then the thread was off and running.

I went to school in Salzburg, Austria. Austrians are indeed a contented bunch.

I completely agree dancingsea. I saw NOTHING bigoted at all in Byrdman’s post. It was merely a general observation and and an accurate one in my opinion. I am flabbergasted how anyone could be triggered by such an innocent observation.

Hopefully, PS Audio will continue to make excellent gear at fair prices. The used market will always provide PSA bargains if one is so inclined.


Avg age in USA IS 11.8 YEARS

Which is exactly why I posted this precise number, and a linked citation. :slight_smile:

Wow. I went away for 1.5 days and this thread went B-A-N-A-N-A-S :rofl:

Kudos to PSA for allowing freedom of speech. Seriously. Kudos.


Why don’t we cool things down with some nice race based jokes :joy::joy::joy:

I’m black and I have a DS Sr., and will have the Ted ultimate…


:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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I think part of the problem is us as consumers. So many times if a item doesn’t have a msrp at a certain price point it’s not as good as a similar but more expensive item from a different company. Hopefully that makes sense. Also if msrp was dropped by 50% which is what some state they purchased their gear for, would people prefer getting 50% off a $15,000 pair of BHK300’s, thinking they got a deal or pay full retail if the price was dropped to $7,500 for the pair. Even though the final price is the same, many think we get a better deal if it’s discounted.

Then it’s how many consumers wouldn’t be interested in a $7,500 msrp pair of monoblocks because the SQ can be as good as a $10k + pair of monoblocks.

There are a lot of tricks our minds play on us when it comes to brands, pricing and perception.

Here’s a fun (and sobering) read that started when the author attempted to go for a full year without buying a single new branded item (he exempted things he already owned) and exposes all of the tricks marketers use to manipulate us.


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Still, when I go to Audiophile club meetings it’s just like going to a BMW motorcycle rally. Almost everyone is old, white, grey-haired and teddy-bear shaped. It’s an observation, not a wish. Many years at the BMW rallys the youngest male rider is mid-40’s. If there are women they tend to be much older.

(I’m reminiscing on earlier moments in this thread)

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No wonder I occasionally think of getting a boxer twin again. . . .

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That’s NOT the question, the issue is that essentially many of consumer simply can’t afford the “direct pricing” any longer as they used to get discounted deals from their dealers, while at the same time PS Audio is enjoying a much higher profit margin after going direct without passing any of the savings to the consumers. So, going direct should have at least have resulted in some lower MSRP which it hasn’t.

Therefore, less consumers buy PSA gear. If PSA suffers enough because of this they’ll lower prices. If not, they won’t. It’s pretty simple.