Qobuz HiRes on DSJ

Ok - so im a bit confused here.
Im playing a HighRes track from Qobuz - infact have played several (streaming) and Directstream displays this at PCM 48khz 24 bits.
Why am i not getting 192khz ?

The DS will display what it is receiving. Thus, it is not being provided with a 192kHz datastream.

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got it :slight_smile:
tried Dexter Calling - 192khz it is.

This forum ROCKS - Thank You Elk!


These little mystery issues can be frustrating.

I use BubbleUPnP as the UI for Qobuz. It is set to display the technical information. I can see the bit depth and rate for any album or track. Some HiRes is genuinely at 24/48.

Its nuts…but Qobuz Hi Res beats the pants off Tidal MQA for my ears.
Its nuts cuz I would never have believed that there could be such difference in resolution/ clarity.

I agree. maybe not as big difference as you mention. it’s more subtle for me.

I use Roon and do notice I prefer the Qobuz high rez over Tidal MQA. I usually find thinking something sounds a bit off, I click the signal path and see it’s Tidal then click on the Qobuz version and change my library to the Qobuz version.