Comparison track, Tidal MQA vs Qobuz Hi-Res

Now that I’m a happy owner of a new DSD Mk I (previously had Junior, R.I.P.), I’m wondering if anyone has found specific tracks that definitely sound different in each format.I realize that in many cases differences may very well be due to the master used, but I’d like to find a track that is “worthy” and comparable.

I’m not sure there’s any one track, mostly because of what you need ruined about masters, etc. Maybe better to make a playlist of twenty things in each platform and listen to one for a week solid, then swap and see if your general experience changes?
I found Qobuz to be generally smoother and more relaxed, but it wasn’t night and day different. I did prefer Qobuz, though. In the end the thing that swung it was Qobuz being a lot cheaper on top of nicer sounding. But hey, it’s all really cheap, right?

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