Qobuz in the USA


Je Comprends, Je suis, whatever, French-wise.


Focal seems to be an exception, but not a lot of leading French companies in the consumer electronics or IT space. I appreciate the work-life balance French culture promotes. However, there is no excuse for running your business this way. I ran corporate training seminars in Europe recently and a few of the younger French participants complained about the rigid business culture and the resistance to change.


Or as exclaimed by Coach Ernie Pantusso, “Que so what, so what.”


Wait list for open beta is up: https://try.qobuz.com/qobuz-us-beta-waiting-list-signup/


What would Yogi Berra say?


:smile: It’s Un, Deux, Trois, Strikes, yer out - unless you’re some French Company introducing a streaming service in the US. I like their Fries, though.


I submitted my email address, but don’t expect much. I gave it to them for “more information when available” months ago and like my favorite Stalag 13 guard, I heard nothing.


Tidal ain’t sounding so bad anymore is it? :wink:


“We are lost; but we’re making great time.”


Qobuz has been available for years if you really wanted it. I applaud David and his people for postponing the launch until they are sure they get it right.


We have yet to see if they get it right…


I’m perfectly fine with my UK subscription until they do.


Just got an email the closed beta for the US is active now. It comes with a one month trial so I’m downloading now…


I just got an e-mail saying I wasn’t chosen for the beta but am on the waitlist. Go figure…


Same here.


On US since yesterday, had to close my UK account due to being the same email, but got another free month. Couple of issues, one is that it is not populated with all the music yet - they claim it will be by the end of the beta period, whatever that is.

So you will not find everything that is on the UK site. A lot of items show that there are X releases by the artist, but when you click on them, they’re not there yet. Also lots of things that aren’t on Qobuz (UK) are on Tidal.

The other issue is that, contrary to the UK account I’ve been using, nearly every track seems to trigger the DS fade-up as if all the tracks on an album were separate. No change of resolution, it just gaps, then buffers each tune one at a time. Hooked up my Resonessence Herus to the computer, and it plays fine without fade-ins. So not a Qobuz issue per se.

Sounds good though : ). I felt like there was occasional edginess with the UK account that I’m not hearing now. Not positive about that. May try some tracks on my brother’s UK account and compare to see if I’m imagining it. Could just be digital hash from streaming from the other side of the planet. Or - there’s a reason for the individual track buffering…still, if you can’t simply play an album through without the DS ramping every song, it’s going to be a problem for many of us here.


I don’t think I can give up the Tidal Vets discount. Any word on Qobuz discount? I doubt it, they are French yes?

Anyway, if anyone knows.



Sorry, couldn’t resist.


I don’t experience any of the above issues with Qobuz but maybe that’s because I live in the UK. I’m visiting the US (in the Spring) for a road trip between Atlanta and New Orleans and I’m looking forward to trying Qobuz in the US then. I totally understand that my UK account will be a factor but it will be interesting to see if I get the fade in/out some of you guys experience


Think the problem only occurs with the DSD. Unless you’re traveling
with your DSD, you should be good. Enjoy NOLA BTW!