Qobuz in the USA


So I’ve used Roon for about 3 hours now.

Got it working easily enough on my 2018 MacBook Pro, with Qobuz and my SSD library indexed (it’s sitting inside an Aries Mini Streamer).

Getting disturbance when using the MBP, so had the bright idea (for me, at least), to install Roon Server on my TS-451 QNAP, which is not used as a music server, and the library is building on an 8TB SATA drive that is plugged in to the QNAP as a backup disk.

Downloaded Roon Remote on my Huawei phone.

So it seems I can now use this to send music to my Devialet Expert or Reactor units, or using my iPad via Airplay.

Listening to Shostakovich’s String Quartet No 2 from the Aries Mini server 24/96 download from Hyperion and the thing is still indexing.

All seems well in this ecosystem. It’s terribly clever.


Yes, the bar is high.


I presume you mean Roon sets a high standard for control software. It certainly does seem to, and is appearing a no-brainer now it has Qobuz.

This seems a very unsubtle way to attract Tidal customers in the USA when the beta is completed. I assume a lot of Tidal premium users use Roon.


There is a big difference between announcing Qobuz has integrated ROON and waiting till after all the 32, 567 complaints to come. I like to work the 2nd wave of ROON integration… like bleeding edge… as opposed to leading edge; let others blaze the path… way too lazy… :slight_smile: wake me up in 6 months for the ROON 1.7


I also see that on classical releases where the booklet is available in Qobuz, it can also be found in Roon. Not obvious. It is accessed by touching “1 PDF” under the heading “Additional images”. On my phone it opens it in a pdf app, on OSX in a Qobuz web page.


Ye of little faith.

I’ve been using the Qobuz apps for 5+ years and they have reached a stage of development and optimal user experience. It seems the Roon have simply embedded the Qobuz apps with all their functionality, so there is no reason for anything to go wrong and after a long session yesterday on OSX and iOS it was just as pleasurable as using the standalone Qobuz apps.


Not worried about Qobuz or Roon, if you noted 1.7; Roon is at 1.6. meaning during the integration they will find many issues, all brought on by very loyal Qobuz & Roon customers. This is very common on any SW platform updates. I have a Roon Nucleus+; therefore, been waiting on this for well over 6 months, just modulating my expectations when the platform w/ Qobuz is solid. I have TIDAL and not rushing to Qobuz till it is very, very, solid.


Badbeef, I also have “The Astounding Eyes of Rita” Album and for quite a while now.
The first time I played it, I was absolutely mesmerized to the point that I actually listened to it 3 time in a row that night.
The sound is so haunting and the recording is phenomenal.
You are right, it is a great reference for real instruments and sense of space!
Plus it being great music to boot!
Anouar Brahim claims that it is Arabic Jazz.

For me, I like track # 1 The Lover Of Beirut and track # 6 Galilee mon amour.
But they all sound so good!
I think it’s his best album out of the dozen or so he has done.

My free Qobuz which I believe is out of the UK, states the there are 2 albums both in HR at 44.1kHz Flac 24 Bit/44.1KHZ.

As a personal aside, I am of the opinion that the actual CD recording on my Aurender sound a bit better sounding with more air and less compression than listening to the same song on Qobuz even at their High Rez offerings. By comparison the non HR versions sound ever so more compressed with a flat top end. Still better than Tidal but not as good as actually having the CD in hand.
Perhaps when Qobuz truly arrives in America it will be the best of the lot. Let’s hope so!


Nine albums on Qobuz over here in the Netherlands, all sound terrific. Had 3 of the original cd’s ripped to my Melco, purchased those in HiRes from Qobuz. Downloaded and playing from the Melco the HiRes versions beats the 44.1/16.


The beta is expanding. My original application was declined but I got an email invite today.


Also got my email today, but signed up for the UK service in the meantime, so I might hold off until the beta is finished and the US library is complete before I switch.


Yes - an album I can (and have) just played over and over. One of those things like in “the old days” where we used to say, after playing Aja, for example…“What do you follow THAT with?!?”

It is also a CD that sounds so good that…who cares about high res. Doesn’t matter much. Just a gorgeous recording of fab music.


Amen, brother!
Just after I wrote my first reply, I went back and listened the the whole album again!
In my mind it never gets old!
And yes, I agree…“Just a gorgeous recording of fab music”


Cued this up via Roon/Tidal, based on you and BB’s rave…not even half way through the first track and I am enthralled.

Thanks for the recommendation.


Did the same although via Qobuz. Great musical performances! Loudspeaker candy :grin:


So did I, but I got to be honest with you I’m tempted to wait until Qobuz fully launches so I can see what the full library is at that time.


Really the big question for me at this point is - will the Library be bigger or smaller, with the same or different music, than what is currently offered in the UK?

Between Roon, Tidal and Qobuz, it’s a nice package, but is starting to feel (and cost) like a cable subscription ; )


I have Qobuz UK and Tidal. Even when Qobuz US launches, I still don’t see myself getting rid of Tidal. If nothing else, I like the “My Mix” feature in Tidal as well as their unique flavor of playlists which I use quite often.


My decision is to either pay to stream 96/24 or just Redbook quality so the free month is welcome. So far the Vikingur Olaffson Bach recording streamed at 96/24 is awesome… however the Szell/Cleveland/Beethoven Symphony no.3 at 96/24 would still be best played back over a mono car radio.


I agree, I’m a UK trial subscriber for 3 months right now, but if the US library doesn’t better it I’ll be sticking with Tidal…albiet somewhat regrettably as Qobuz does sound better.