Qobuz in the USA


That’s going to be up to Qobuz and Roon not PSA. Same thing with any other DAC.


Yeah and other dacs will have it since Roon said it’s happening. Obviously any manufacturer can chose to forge ahead or not.



Anyone who is preparing for launch…:rocket:


So, I used a VPN to register my account. Once registered, your geolocation information is not vetted, so you can stream their service no matter where you are at or live. I have been streaming Qobuz for the last 8 months or so.

Now that it is coming to the U.S., it is cheaper to purchase a U.S. based account (USD vs. Euro). I have an email out to customer service, which is rather slow by the way. So for those that complained about Tidal’s response time, I am not sure Qobuz is much better.

Anyway, I asked them how I convert my existing account to a U.S. based account once that service launches. I will update you all once I hear back as I know there are others who have also circumvented the system in order to stream Qobuz while in the U.S.


I subscribed while in Aruba.
My plan is not to renew that subscription and open a new U.S. based one.
I can confirm that customer service is quite slow to respond.


U.S. based accounts indeed are a bit cheaper, but beware…availability of material in their catalog differs from a Europe based account. One can compare before pulling the trigger, solution is in the ‘Official Qobuz Issues Thread’ :


Great information Wjber! Something definitely worth considering. I may just end up keeping my Tidal and original Qobuz accounts active until my Qobuz subscription expires (it is already fully paid for anyway). By then, hopefully the U.S. Qobuz account will be as robust in its selection as its European based counterpart.



I like Darko, what a guy …

He sounds like he lives down my road, he’s got my headphones and he uses Qobuz on OSX.

You lot over there are in for a treat. It was pretty naff when I first subscribed 5 years ago, now it’s brilliant. Been on Sublime since it started.


Unfortunately no news on the delayed Qobuz USA launch date…
fortunate to receive an email today from Qobuz lowering their account costs over here in the Netherlands :grinning:


That is good news, my subscription is through the Netherlands, I have to check my email to see if I have the same notice.


I’m excited about Sublime, but I wish they would offer at least Full-On Lime. I don’t see why I should have to pay that much for a Less-than–Lime service ; )


Off to Qobuzland for the ballet. Thanks to the US launch my sub is £50 lower. Is it online yet,?

Steven Segal


When I log in I see that they are now offering a new subscription tier called “Studio”.

24.99 a month, 249.99 a year, it looks like you can stream the hi-rez catalog but no download discount.

Sublime is listed as 299.00 a year.


Still telling me it’s unavailable in the US, and I can’t find any info about release date : (


Same here … I get this when I go to qobuz.com:


I’ve emailed them and told them it’s a bit silly sponsoring RMAF 18 and not telling people when it will be live. Will keep you posted.


I agree. I was up there expecting to be able to sign up and dropped by their booth but obviously this didn’t happen. I think they slightly mislead people that it was launching at RMAF, but I’m sure (or I at least hope so) there’s a good reason for it. I doubt they want it delayed either!




Interesting semantics - “Launch” in “closed beta” ; )