Question about new speakers

I recently purchased the micca pb42x. I use them in a PC setup. I’m having a weird issue where I get a buzzing noise from free netflix them before entering the windows os. It’s not present when actually in the OS (well it’s barely noticeable) tech news but when I’m in the bios or doing a restart the buzzing is very loud.

Is this still ground loop?

Also just one more thing I’ve noticed: when I’m in the OS, the faint buzzing is loudest at about 25-75% and at 0-25% and 75-100% it dies down noticeably. This isn’t a major issue but thought I thought mention it. My main problem is the very loud buzzing when doing a reboot or even in bios.


How do you have things positioned on your desk? Are the speakers right next to your monitor or PC?

This doesn’t sound like a ground loop to me, it sounds more like they might be picking up radiated noise from your PC or monitor on reboot. Or perhaps your PC’s audio drivers are not stabilized/fully functional on reboot or when you’re in the bios.

Two quick tests we can run.

First, try moving the speakers around on your desk to see if it changes at all.

Second, hook up your phone to the speakers and see how they behave.

Let me know how that goes and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this!

Sounds like a ground loop issue.

I have a computer hooked to an AVR in another building that does the same thing if it is turned on while the computer boots up. It is a 60hz buzz that plays until the sound card wakes up. If the speakers are powered try leaving the power to the speakers off until the computer fully boots.