Buzz in speakers with BHK Pre

Ive had this buzz in my speaker since getting my BHK Pre.
Interestingly when I upgraded my speaker jumpers the buzz went away which was wonderful.
Today i bought a new power cable and when i connected it the buzz is back.
I reconnected the older cord and the buzz was still there.
When u just have my mk1200 on there is no buzz.
When the bhk is turned on the buzz begins.
Pretty annoying.
All I can think of that the path I had the old power cable threaded through somehow eliminated the buzz…but that doesnt explain why it just went away with the speaker jumper upgrade
Any thoughts?
Thank you

Weird when i move power cord around there is a metallic hum like a feed back noise that occurs
Have everything plugged into a P3

Sounds like a ground loop hum.

Think so
Sure was great when it just went away.
So odd.
Didnt change anything but a power cord and it came back
Can things like this be solved by just rearranging cables/separate them?

Yes and first place to start. Best would be to disconnect all IC’s and PC’s and start from scratch with cable routing. Make sure to keep PC’s away from SC’s too.

Thanks will do-
I connected one of those adapters that removes the ground from an electrical plug. I used it with each of my components and then even used it on my P3 to the wall and the buzz was still there. I would think that removes ground loop from the possibilities or am I wrong?

If you’re talking about cheater plugs you need to take those out especially on the P3 and start from scratch. The most common chances for ground loops from my experience is from mixing and matching balanced and SE components in the same system or from crossing wires across each other. As I don’t know what all of your components are or how you have it wired IC wise we are just guessing. Also keep all IC’s away from the P3.

Thank you
Roon nucleus to DSD DAC via I2S/HDMI via Matrix device.

DSD Dac > BHK pre with XLR

BHK Pre to MK1200 monoblock via XLR

Was using cheater plug to help diagnose component involved in possible ground loop.
After using it on all components and no fix of speaker buzz makes me think this isnt a ground loop situation

I agree it doesn’t sound like a component ground loop issue. More likely a cable routing issue or a bad cable somewhere in the chain. Where in your rack is your P3? It’s always easier to avoid these routing/cable crossing issues if the line conditioner/regenerator is on the bottom of the rack and not somewhere in the middle. If you’ve got a PC crossing an IC or an IC too close to the P3 can account for the source of your buzz. It’s really easiest in the long run to just shut everything down, pull the cables all out and start over. And yes it’s a pain in the ass to do it.

Thank you -
Yes it is a big Pain.
I pulled out the P3 and separated the PC. I was able to get the buzz to stop in one speaker though now its back. No noise when the MK1200’s just on. When I turn on the pre it starts. DAC and computer stuff is OFF. So it seems it has to be the pre amp. Just what exactly has me stumped. and the weird ringing/feedback noise that happens when i move my XLRs around
Given it has gone away for periods it would seem it’s not a problem with pre amp I guess?

Two things to try and may or may not work. Check the routing on the IC’s and PC on the BHK in relation to each other plus if you never have pull out the tubes on the BHK preamp and swap and re-seat them.

Thank you.
Somehow its now gone.
I moved the P3 back into the rack and removed the BHK Pre onto a stand next to the rack.
After that the buzz was just in the left speaker.
Since that was better than when i started and not wanting to lose ground i made decision to quit while I was ahead.
Organized a PC path.
Turned everything back on and noise gone.
I cant say what the one thing I did. Moving the preamp out of rack seemed to be a good move.
Over the last few hours i removed an extension cord with computer devices plugged in and plugged that stuff in away from rack.
But buzz still there after I did that.
Things great now
Thank you again for all of your help.
Recommending I move the P3 gave me direction to get this mornings adventure started.

Also plugged the dac into a different input on the pre

Sounds like somewhere in the process you got enough clearance between the IC’s between the preamp and one of the amps and a PC to solve the problem. Glad it worked out and hope it stays that way.

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Thanks Man
1st time ive ever dealt with this issue.
Pretty annoying
Dont dare touch a thing now

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I have a SGCD that has the slightest hiss, I’m curious how loud yours was, I can only hear the hiss if I am right up in the speaker with my ear close the to tweeter.

FWIW I think it’s inherit in my SGCD as when I switch inputs for the slight moment no connection is made the noise goes away, then when click it connects the slight hiss is there.

If tubes i think the hiss is normal
Mine was hiss and a buzz

I just went through this when I swapped out my AVM60 for a Marantz 7706. A buzz came out of all speakers (except fronts which have diff. path). Went to AVM 70 and went away. The only thing I could think of is switch PS vs. Toroidal which both anthems have. When I isolated the issue with the marantz it was my Oppo and Projector. Both had 3 prong plugs. def. ground loop. Cheapo fix cured it, but I ended up with AVM 70 anyways as it will be roon mutli channel soon.

Best way to isolate (next time is shows up) is pull a plug at a time from the pre. the one that gets pulled and fixes issue is the one. or check all components and see which have 3 plugs and pull those first. most likely it will go away.

unfortunately after somehow getting rid of the buzz I foolishly moved things around again and now the buzz is back…sigh. Not thinking anyone other has a silver bullet for me but mostly want to see if my hunches are correct…

-with BHK pre OFF and M1200’s on there is no buzz.

-as soon as BHK pre powers up the buzz returns. So I would think this means the pre has the issue?
should i focus all my attention on that ?

The only component I have connected to the BHK pre is my DS DAC. It is powered off. only powered components are the m1200 and BHK pre. So am i correct in assuming its not the m1200 or the day its the pre?

using all XLR connections…there still is a strange ringing/feedback Aura noise when I move the interconnects…which Ive never read anything online about.

given the noise went away recently when things moved I would think the pre is ok?
gotta be interconnect/power cables?

Dont think ground loop cause I put one of those adapters that converts 3 prong cord to 2 with no ground and the noise and feedback still there.

thank you for any advice