Question from a newbie

I converted a buddy of mine into a audiophiliac. He has a fairly decent system. He asked me to post this question on the BHK forum:

Would adding the tube BHK Preamplifier to a system add the ‘tube’ magic to the sound? Or would I need to upgrade the system with a tube power amp instead? Here is my current system:

Source: Oppo 205
Speakers: Magnepan 20.0
Amplifier: Outlaw power amplifier 200Wpc.

He has heard my system with my now departed Macintosh MC30s. He knows how good tubes can sound.

It depends on what the two of you think of tube magic. The BHK is open, transparent, full of timbrel richness. If he is seeking warm and extra sweet as many view as old-school tubes he will be disappointed.

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