BHK tubes: Is there a compiled list of tubes and settings?

I’ve gone through the various posts on tube rolling for the BHK preamp; quite a trove of posts and information, but finding a summation is difficult, if it’s there at all.

With that in mind, does anyone know of a list (maybe as a table) of tubes that have been successfully used in the BHK preamp, along with the settings, i.e, voltage and bias (mA) used?


As far as I know, only the discussions but without a formal list. While I do have several tubes to try, I have not done so yet.

Thanks. I don’t consider myself a tube roller, but try different variants when the tubes need to be changed. It would be convenient for people like me if PS Audio would compile such a list. I suppose that’s not their responsibility, but just the same it would be a great benefit to their customers.

IMO there would be somewhat limited utility in such a list because there’s little universal agreement on what tubes are “successful” in the BHK pre and amps. I’ve used my BHK pre with four different amps and two different sets of speakers and multiple combinations of cables and vibration controlling footers. What sounds best in one application is “meh” in another. Add personal sonic preferences to the variables with equipment and it all just becomes quite confusing.