Question on bi-wire (or tri-wire) speaker cable arrangements

A very simple question, When using multiple speaker wires to bi wire the speaker (or even tri wire, if speaker support it), should these speaker cables be braided or leave them run in parallel individually or just doesn’t matter at all? Thanks - Terrence

I keep mine separate, when using Discovery Signature or Essence Speaker cables. Same for my primary system, Nirvana SX-Ltd (Mids on up) and Audioquest/Genesis (low end). BTW what cables are you using?

I have Brown Electric Labs “BEL the wire” S12 to treble and (DYI) mogami W3103 to bass (heavy 12AWG wire seems give the bass a boost w.r.t the BEL S12). I braids them recently. Did not hear the sound difference. But clean-up the speaker wire mess.

Personally I would not braid them for sonics. Just run them separate. The physical orientation will have an impact on the overall inductance and may result in diminished high frequencies.