Am I just wasting $$$ on biwire speaker cable?

I just order the AudioQuest Rocket series 33 , on amplifier terminal - 2 bananas, other end are 4 bananas which can be connected to high and low post on speakers.
Since the wiring seems to be biwire on one end, the other still single end, so will the speakers benefit any thing from that “biwire” cable ?
I hear so many people talk about their experience on this kind of “biwire” , It’s almost no differences no matter what you are single wire or biwire on speaker posts

Take a look at:

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Turned out in my case the best way to bi-wire was to not bi-wire. When I tried Synergistic’s Foundation speaker cables, they suggested using their matching jumpers vs bi-wiring, as they claim bi-wiring can cause certain distortions. Of course this is not apples to apples, but comparing my bi-wired cables to the single run of SR using their jumpers, the improvement was immediately obvious. This was on my Von Schweikert VR 35s. When I purchased my new speakers, the Alta Alec, I used the SR Foundation cables, but left the manufacturers high-end Jumpers in place while I let them break in. As good as the speakers sounded I was stunned at the improvement when I removed the manufacturers jumpers and replaced them with the matching SR jumpers. The speakers completely disappeared creating a holographic soundstage. At this point I’m no longer tormented about whether I should bi-wire or not.

AQ Rocket series (quad star) allow for bi-wiring without the the need to buy a second set of cables. PSA M700 allows bi-wiring, so if your speakers allow biwiring too, you may want to adjust your order for biwiring on both sides.

Speaking of AQ Rocket 33, I had positive experience with them running from Naim integrated to a pair of Martin Logan 35XT and they sounded life-like with good controlled bass from those stand mounters without a subwoofer. AudioQuest speaker cables, can take good 10 -13 weeks to burn-in with 3 to 4 hours of daily use. To speed things up, some leave their systems playing behind closed doors for up to a week.

so the rocket 33 bi-wire on one end and singgle wire of one end will not work ? it has to be bi-wire at both end?

It would work. But separation all the way is more logical. What type of bananas did you order with it? Both the 100 and 300 sure grip work well.

banana : AQ SureGrip 300 Banana Silver

Excellent. You will love the 33 cable


Need to contact the sale guy to modify the order, still waiting his response

It should be ok. AQ builds these cables to order.

Hope they change in time before shiping , I choose the factory terminated cable

I’ve done it both ways using Canare 4S11 speaker wire. In my system, I didn’t notice a difference.

just update: the sale guy is so nice, he get back to me and change my request without add more charge for 4 extra bananas, the cables are now bi-wire at both ends of each cable

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Thank you @leean for bringing this up as this is the same cable I’ve got my eyes on also, so good to hear the feedback.

It’s got excellent reviews and seems good value for the resulting performance. I’m not buying it for the Biwire specification, simply because it’s got such good reviews at the pricepoint.

I was also recommended it very highly by a local dealer.

It is one of those cables that stayed on Stereophile recommended list for ages. It truly performs so well, I wouldn’t sell it though I have Rocket 44 and Robin Hood.

Ah, disappearing object phenomenon in stereo, the Paranormal SR jumper cables.

“…At this point I’m no longer tormented…”

You do not dream nor fable :slightly_smiling_face:


“More strange than true. I never may believe
These antique fables nor these fairy toys.
Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehend”

I don’t know but if that’s what Gary_M heard then I’d venture to guess that’s what he heard. Just sayin’.

Can’t remember where I read it, maybe Russ Andrews, the advice was for a given budget to buy best single wires rather than spending the same total cash on bi-wires. The bi-wire terminals on the speakers need to be linked by the cable used for single wiring.

Yes - I had established that :slightly_smiling_face:

And I thought I’d had enough coffee this morning. Probably not as I missed your point.