Question on phase inversion


  • SVS Subwoofer with the typical Phase dial
  • Accuphase integrated with a Phase Invert switch
  • PS Audio DAC Sr. with Phase Button

My question is, if I set my subwoofer phase to 180 degrees does that mean I have to invert the phase of the other components? On the integrated “Inv Phase = On” and on the PS Audio DAC “Phase = OUT”?

Thanks in advance

I own an SVS subwoofer also and the phase adjustment is to better integrate the sub with your main speakers. No need to necessarily go “all the way” to 180 degrees (invert phase). I have mine set to 50 degrees for “best” integration in my setup as determined by listening only. If you have more sophisticated means of measuring frequency response in your room you will likely notice flatter response when you adjust that subwoofer phase while measuring at your listening position(s).