4 Subs are Better Than One - Thank You Dr. Toole

Thank to SVS’s Outlet Storefront. I bought 4 of there SB1000 12" Sealed Box Subs. Since "our’ Living Room is already overtaken with Speakers (including the ceiling now :grinning:.)

I wanted small Subs and I’ve always preferred Sealed over ported. Even back in my DIY days. Car and home Subs.

REL’s were definitely out of the question and budget. For now, until my Straightwire arrives next week. I am am simply running them via the high level binding post connections as a Stereo pair (FRS/RRS…FLS/RLS). SVS customer support told me I can run the line level inputs simultaneously alongside the high level inputs.

My Onkyo PR-SC5530 has 4 independant Sub outs which will allow me to fine tune things even better from the comfort of my sweet spot for multichannel movies and music.

For now, I’m using a crude iOS iPhone RTA with my tie clip mic at my listening position (uncalibrated for now). The in room response is not bad both to my ears and on the attached jpeg. Take the graphic with a grain of salt for now (the greyed out are is the actual response - the color area is “live”)

Question I have is I set my front subs to 0° and the back Subs to 180° which I’ve read in various forums and various publications is how it’s supposed to be done. Can any of you “Armchair Engineers” validate this for me or is it BS ?

Right now I like how it sounds. Not Boomy (yet). Not giving me any physical headaches or migraines.

Happy Holidays - See ya at the Florida Audio Expo next year !


I think the phase setting on the subs depends on where you are siting when the sound wave hits your ears. Most agree that you should just listen (maybe with just one sub at a time running) and set the phase setting to the loudest from your chair. You can also use software like REW to set the phase on subs but I have never done that.


With multiple subs, you’re going to do best if you get a decent microphone (MiniDSP Umik 1 or Umik 2 should do the trick) and the stands and cords to use it well, then learn REW - Room EQ Wizard. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but you should be able to read and view instructions on it so you’re at least functional with a few hours of “study.”

MSO - multi-sub optimizer - is another acoustic software product that is excellent and quite helpful.

I have no regrets about learning how to use these products to set up my multiple subs. The overall effect is quite impressive vs the out-of-the-box experience.

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My recording engineer friend who’s been behind a mixing desk longer than I’ve been on this earth came over and helped me finalize the settings. 80Hz LPF worked best for both music and movies.

In 2ch mode the AV preamp is turned off and the speaker level inputs are used. For home theater/multichannel music, the Speaker level inputs are disconnected and just the LPF from the Onkyo A/V Preamp is in use.

To quote Van Halen. It’s the “Best of Both World’s”. In my living room.

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What do you attribute the 250hz spike to? I’ve heard good things about SVS. It was probably @Paul who convinced me of 4xREL S/812.

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