Question re Speakers/Sub on BHK 250

BHK has two pairs of binding posts, so I assume I can put spades on upper set or lower set of posts? No difference?

Also, I have a REL G1 w/ Neutrik cable. I use Banana plugs for the Neutrik cable, and in my Krell w/ one set of binding posts I plug Banana and speaker wire Spades into the same post(s). Question is, on BHK can I use one set of binding posts for the Neutrik and one set of binding posts for speaker (spades)?

Yes to both questions. I run my REL subs off of one set of binding posts and the speakers off the other set. Be aware that as the BHK is a differentially balanced amp you need to use a specific connection scheme. This is how to hook up a stereo pair. Notice the addition of a grounding lug, PS Audio will send you these for the asking.

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Thank you, Photon. Very helpful. I run a single REL. but I see you with two you are running both wires to the positive post, with the black ground to the dedicated grounding lug. Same on the other side. Correct?

Yes, same on the other side. REL has a specific video on properly hooking up their subs to a balanced amp:

Can I ask an odd question

Why is your yellow going to ground? I would have thought the black wire should be on that post and yellow and red on the positive post.

I should have mentioned that the sub cable isn’t a REL cable, it’s made from 3 conductors of DH Labs Q10 and doesn’t have the same color coding as the factory cables.

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Aha! Sorry had to ask! Thanks

Make sure you read through this.

Thanks. Very helpful. Still waiting for my BHK 250 so I am getting ready to deal with all of this. but as I read through, I don’t really see a solution. Sounds like I will have a hum when the BHK is on standby. Unless this has been corrected since the last post here. My BHK will come with the REL Kit.